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July 7th, 2012

President’s “Unaffordable” Healthcare Plan: Bad Medicine

I am a doctor. I have taken the Hippocratic Oath, the first principle of which is: “Do no harm.” It is a pity that the current President, when he was sworn in and took the oath of office more than three years ago, wasn’t asked to make the same promise.

For the President has done harm. President Obama’s plan for your healthcare is the political equivalent of medical malpractice. The Supreme Court may have declared it constitutional, but questionable constitutionality is only one of its many flaws.

This law takes power over medical decision-making of our most sacred freedom, our health, from the American people and places it in the hands of faceless bureaucrats. The fact is that it ends in longer lines, reduction in quality of care, fewer heath care options, fewer medical innovations, greater costs, higher taxes, greater debt, and fewer personal liberties. We should all be outraged!

That is only the beginning. There are over 20 tax increases in the plan that will tax the American people between 500-600 billion dollars. Many of these tax increases affect middle class Americans. This is at a time when we have had record high unemployment.

The cost of the President’s plan is very expensive. When it was first enacted, we were told by President Obama that the price tag would be $1 trillion. A mere two years later, we were told that the price tag would be $2 trillion. We will likely discover that the real cost is perhaps even greater. The major entitlement programs have all cost more then they were projected and Medicare is a prime example.

At a time when the national debt is more than 15 trillion and our annual deficit is 1.5 trillion, this is not a solution. The American medical system has flaws, but wasting precious resources adding another level of government bureaucracy and massive debt to our kids and grandkids is not the way to address them.

I even question the parts of the plan that folks like. For instance, keeping kids on their parents plans through the age of 26. This sounds great on paper but the reality is that it allows folks to use their parents insurance as a supplement to their own.

I have a patient who stayed on her parents even through she had a job as a transplant coordinator for a major healthcare center in South Dakota. She had her insurance primary and her parents secondary. The secondary cost her parents nothing extra as the plan they had through her mothers work was either a single plan or a family plan. So their was no added cost to the patient or her parents for the increase in coverage. That cost was carried by the insurance company providing coverage for someone they normally wouldn’t have had to because Pelosi, Reid and the President said so. This added cost to her mother’s insurance was then passed through as a increase in premiums to the Americans on their insurance.

The proper way to address the ailments of the American medical scene is to empower consumers, doctors, and local and state governments. We must implement free market solutions that are bottom up not top down. Washington, D.C. is not in a position to know what is best for your healthcare. That is why I am opposing the Presidents take over of your health and opposing his reelection.

It is a basic idea can be summed up in one word: freedom. It’s a word that is at the heart of our great political experiment in self-government. It’s a word that resounds all across this great land. The Supreme Court may have spoken, but the people of America have not.  Come November it will be our turn to render judgment. I for one will not be supporting the current President or his “unaffordable care act”.

Dr. Cody Hoefert
Lyon County Republican Chairman

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