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November 6th, 2012

Paul Ryan Predicts Victory During Election Eve Visit to Iowa

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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The Romney/Ryan ticket staged one last Iowa rally on the eve of Election Day, hoping their final push would secure the state’s six electoral votes. Vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan spoke to a standing room only crowd of 1,200 inside an airport hangar in Des Moines. He sounded optimistic about the Republican team’s chances on Tuesday.

“You can tell the path and trajectory of these things by looking at the closing moments of a campaign. Look at how President Obama is closing his campaign. Look, in Iowa, you have every presidential candidate in your own kitchens,” Ryan half-jokingly said. “I mean, you really get to know the candidates. And what has he been doing? He spent the entire summer and fall just trying to distract, and destroy Mitt Romney.”

Ryan has made 12 stops in Iowa since being chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate in August, with several of those visits being in the Des Moines area. If his frequent sojourns to the area help the Romney/Ryan ticket win Polk County, or come close to doing so, it bodes well for their chances of winning Iowa, and the nation.

“We are in this together and we realize that this is the most important election of our generation, no matter what generation you come from,” Ryan said.

Numerous chants of “one more day” broke out throughout Ryan’s speech. He thanked the supportive crowd for their hard work and encouraged everyone to get their friends and neighbors to the polls on Tuesday. In exchange, Ryan offered a different approach from what we’ve seen from the Obama administration.

“We’re not going to kick the can down the road,” he said. “We’re not going to keep blaming other people for four years. We’re going to run at our country’s economic and fiscal problems and we’re not going to blame other people. We’re going to take responsibility.”

The GOP vice-presidential candidate argued that he and Mitt Romney are offering solutions, while the Democrats are offering attacks and telling supporters to vote for “revenge”. As Paul Ryan wrapped up his final Iowa speech, he also offered a prediction about what will happen on Tuesday.

”That’s why we have momentum. That’s why we are going to win,” Ryan said. “And that’s why we only have one more day before we get us on the right track.”

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