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April 12th, 2012

Parting Shots: Hoyer’s Help, Paul’s Calls and Family Leader Fights On

Top Dem Campaigns for Vilsack… In High School Class

Just in case Iowa children are not receiving enough liberal indoctrination in school, congressional Democrats are making sure to provide more, on a firsthand basis. How is it appropriate for Nancy Pelosi’s top minion, Steny Hoyer, to campaign for Christie Vilsack in an Iowa high school classroom?

Hoyer spoke to a senior economics class at Ballard High School Wednesday morning. Although the House Minority Whip obviously knew it was inappropriate to use the venue for a campaign stop, he did it anyway.

“This is not a political speech because this is not a political venue, but the reason I’m out here is because I’m campaigning for her,” Hoyer reportedly told the class. He later told reporters that the woman who spent months asking Iowans what Iowa values are is “one of the best candidates in the country”. He also admitted how desperate Democrats are to defeat Steve King, calling the 4th District race “one of the most important in the country”.

Hoyer also campaigned for his “very close friend” Leonard Boswell, as well as Dave Loebsack this week in Iowa.

Paul Campaign Re-Organizing in Iowa

The Ron Paul presidential campaign wasted no time trying to seize on opportunities arising from Rick Santorum’s departure from the race. After bombarding us with phone calls, automated dials and push polls during the lead-up to the Iowa Caucus, Paul’s campaign was busy dialing Iowa delegates again this week. From Louisiana.

They’re clearly still trying to size-up Iowa delegates to see where Paul’s support lies, and see if they picked up any new supporters due to Santorum’s departure. This is all part of their strategy to dominate Iowa’s slate of 28 national delegates and make their big RNC convention push. Paul needs the majority of delegates in Iowa and at least four other states before he can even be nominated at the national convention.

The Family Leader Reaffirms Support of Sweeney Amendment

The social conservative Family Leader organization is differing with usual allies Kim Pearson, Glen Massie and Tom Shaw on a proposed amendment that would hopefully strip taxpayer funding from abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. Here is a portion of an email they sent out Wednesday morning, which also disputes some of the claims Representative Pearson is making:

We acknowledge that the amendment does not prohibit taxpayer funding of “ALL” abortions. A federal law would need to be passed in order to make that possible.  However, we also recognize that about 98% of all abortions are elective, and not done to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest.  Furthermore, we admire and respect Representative Pearson and others who stand strong, insisting that states need to stand up to the federal government in all cases of abortion, including those permitted under the Hyde Amendment.

The efforts of Representative Sweeney and others to prohibit tax dollars from entities performing non-federally qualified abortions do not go as far as we would like.  However, the passage of H-8213 would be a huge step in the right direction. 

Further complicating the passage of stronger language is that Alliance Defense Fund lawyers and national pro-life groups like Susan B. Anthony List have written legal memos saying that courts have always struck down efforts to go beyond the Hyde Amendment language.  One theoretical option is for Iowa to refuse all Medicaid money from the feds (about $1.2 billion/year).  That isn’t going to happen suddenly, in one Session, but is a noble goal over the coming years.

ADF attorneys also said Rep. Pearson’s assertion that abortionists will convert to “whole woman’s health” providers is impossible for Planned Parenthood affiliates, under their affiliation rules.  ADF also said it is “absolutely false” that they could receive tax money under H-8213, because they will always do more than Hyde qualified abortions.

Thanks again for staying in the fight and for taking the time to contact legislators and asking them to support the Sweeney amendment.  We pray that the Lord will help legislative leaders sort through the confusion and do all they can to protect unborn life.

Chuck Hurley and Danny Carroll 

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