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August 30th, 2012

Olympians Fire Up RNC Delegates (Video)

A cast of U.S. Olympic greats got the RNC crowd fired up during Thursday night’s proceedings. Headlined by world famous skater Scott Hamilton and Mike Eruzione, the captain of the “Miracle on Ice” 1980 U.S. gold medal winning hockey team, the athletes trumpeted Mitt Romney’s success in turning around the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

As the crowd roared with chants of “USA! USA!”, the athletes stated the case for making Romney our next president.

Then gold medal speed skater Derek Parra took the podium. Parra, a Romney family friend, relayed a story the former Massachusetts governor has used on the campaign trail. Parra was asked to carry the U.S. flag raised in the rubble of the World Trade Center into the 2002 Olympic opening ceremonies. Parra became emotional as he relayed the story.

“As the Opening Ceremonies got under way, the other flag-bearing athletes and I gathered backstage.

We were standing with the Port Authority Officers, whose job it was to oversee the flag.

They began telling us how proud they were of us – that the families of the victims were proud of us – that all the people who’d lost their lives would be proud of us.

When it came time to begin the procession, I touched the flag for the first time, and I remember a physical sensation unlike anything I had ever experienced. If it’s possible to feel your soul being touched, then that is what I felt.

As we carried the flag out before the capacity crowd and a worldwide television audience, the silence was deafening. The flag, which had flown over so much pain and loss, still stood for life, love and the hope of our nation.

There are few times in any life when the emotion of the moment is all that exists. That night time stood still.

As our national anthem rang out – like never before – I stood there holding that flag, the symbol of everything our country had ever been through, with tears streaming down my face.

That moment came under the leadership of Mitt Romney and it not only inspired me, but it inspired all of Team USA, and we went on to win a record number of medals.

Today our country is struggling. But the right leaders can inspire us to push on, to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and to accomplish great things.

Mitt Romney is that kind of leader. Thank you and God bless!”

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