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May 22nd, 2012

New SCC Member Calls for “Unity Slate of Delegates”

To My Fellow Republicans:

It is with conviction that I ask for your support  for an Iowa Republican Unity Delegation to our National Convention.  This would represent the full spectrum of conservative thought and candidate support.

First of all, the facts:

1)     In August 2011, a Straw Poll was held in Ames.  Congresswoman Michele Bachman won with Congressman Ron Paul placing second.

2)     In January 2012 over 120,000 Republicans statewide participated in the Iowa Caucuses.  This is the clearest indicator of who Iowa Republicans support for the presidential nomination of our party.  Senator Santorum won in a photo finish with Governor Romney placing second, only 36 votes behind.  Further back was Congressman Paul in third and Speaker Gingrich in fourth.

3)     The Nominating Committee, coming out of the District Conventions in April, has nominated a slate that is overwhelming committed to Rep. Paul.  Of the delegates,  the protocol appointments of Senator Grassley and Governor Branstad are exceptions.

I believe this delegate slate is detrimental to our Party for the following reasons:

1)     An essentially all Paul delegation does not by any measure reflect the way Iowa Republicans voted at the caucuses.

2)     Having a slate so at odds with the reality of how Iowa Republicans voted will hurt our Party’s chances for further growth in terms of increasing our voter registration numbers and hamper fund raising efforts.

3)     We will significantly jeopardize Iowa’s first in the nation status by our delegation being totally out of alignment with the candidates our party registrants voted for.

Our solution is twofold:

1)     We need to attend District Caucuses on the night of Friday, June 15th in Des Moines and support Unity Delegates representing all campaigns.  Three delegates plus three alternates and a Presidential Elector will be selected per district at those caucuses.

2)     On Saturday June 16th at the State Convention support a statewide Unity Slate of Delegates to represent Iowa at the National Convention.  Voting for and having a balanced Unity Delegation is right thing to do, right for our party and the principles we stand for.

Bob Anderson
Johnson County Republican Chairman & State Central Committee Member Elect

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