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September 24th, 2012

New Lange Ad Focuses on Braley’s Support of ObamaCare which hurt Medicare

U.S. congressional candidate Ben Lange launched a new television ad today entitled “The Truth” which contrasts Lange’s plan to save Medicare for current and future generations with Congressman Bruce Braley’s vote to cut $716 billion from Medicare in order to finance Obamacare.

Since Obamacare was enacted, Medicare’s Trustees have projected that Medicare will be insolvent in just 12 years. Lange has outlined his plan to save Medicare while Braley, who has been in office for 2,088 days, has yet to outline any solutions or plan.

Among the Medicare cuts, Braley voted to cut $415 billion in Medicare provider payments which, according to Medicare’s Chief Actuary, may result in providers ending “their participation in the program” and “possibly jeopardizing access to care for beneficiaries.” Shockingly, 60 percent of doctors say Obamacare will force them “to close or significantly restrict their practices to certain categories of patients” and, of these, “87% said they would close or significantly restrict their practices to Medicare patients.”

Braley also voted to cut $156 billion in Medicare Advantage which has been projected to severely impact Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare Advantage gives seniors the option of purchasing a plan from a private insurer which Medicare pays directly. But Braley cut these payments which are the lifeline to beneficiaries’ benefits. Medicare’s Chief Actuary projected that, as a result of these cuts, half of all beneficiaries will lose access to their plans.

Despite these facts, Braley is now running a defamatory television ad that claims “Ben Lange would end the Medicare guarantee.” To support this claim, Braley cites to “” which redirects users to a random website discussing “Experimental Gravitational Physics Using Drag-Free Satellites.”

The truth is set forth in Lange’s widely reported “Compact with Iowans” posted at, which clearly states that Lange will “honor the promise made to current seniors” while giving younger generations the choice “between traditional Medicare or alternative plans,” keeping in place the Medicare guarantee.

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AD SCRIPT: “Want to know about Bruce Braley? Just look at his record. Voted to allow Washington bureaucrats to cut Medicare, endangering Iowa’s seniors. To pay for Obamacare, voted to cut more than $700 billion from Medicare. Bruce Braley — one bad vote after another. Ben Lange — the courage and a plan to honor our promise to seniors, save Medicare from bankruptcy for current and future generations. Ben Lange for Congress.”

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