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June 16th, 2012

Live Blog: Iowa GOP State Convention

Good morning and welcome to TIR’s live blog of the Republican State Convention. Things are scheduled to get underway at 9:30 am. This will be a very interested, and potentially heated, day. The three primary elections today are for 13 at-large national delegates, the national committeeman and national committeewoman. There will also be platform discussions and speeches from several special guests. Last night, Ron Paul supporters landed 11 of the 12 national delegate slots. will provide live coverage of the event right here throughout the day. Hit “REFRESH” often to stay up-to-date.

9:15 am – Delegates are still filing in. All the national committeeman/woman candidates have supporters handing our lapel stickers and literature. Current national committeeman Steve Scheffler is running for reelection. Judd Saul, Robert Kramer and David Chung are challenging him. There have been whispers of another candidate that might be nominated from the floor. National committeewoman Kim Lehman is stepping down. Kim Pearson, Margaret Stoldorf, Judy Davidson and Tamara Scott are the four announced candidates competing for that spot.

9:18 am – Conventions are a great way to catch up with old friends and fellow conservatives. Governor Branstad was in the lobby area working the room. He’s one of the dignitaries speaking today. Senator Chuck Grassley will reportedly ask for “unity” from the delegates and for us all to come together. I can tell you there is not unity right now. A lot of people are upset with last night’s proceedings, particularly in the Fourth District.

9:25 am – Here are the names on the proposed “unity” slate. For this to have a chance, the majority of delegates will need to vote down the slate offered by the Nominating Commission, which includes 10 Ron Paul supporters out of the 13 delegates.

Unity Slate: Gov. Branstad, Sen. Grassley, Rep. Renee Schulte, Joni Scotter, Sen. Tim Kapucian, Den Thornton, Mark LeRette, Connie Schmett, Margaret Stoldorf, Rod Roberts, Steve Sukup, Cody Hoefert.

9:27 am – The alternates on the “unity” slate are: David Vaudt, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, David Chung, Sarah Henderson, Dave Millage, Royce Phillips, Trudy Caviness, Sen. Brad Zaun, David Overholtzer, Dave Funk, Linda Upmeyer, Kip Murphy and Sam Clovis.

Looks like we’ll be starting soon. State Central Committee (henceforth SCC) member Monte Shaw just asked Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman to come to the front of the room.

9:29 am- They’re asking for everyone to find their seats so we can get started on time. Good luck with that. There are still a lot of people that haven’t passed through the check-in area yet.

9:30 am – Of all the paraphernalia passed out by the candidates, Judy Davidson’s fan is my favorite. Smart move. This afternoon it’s going to be warm in this convention hall.

9:32 am – Last night’s district reconvenings (is that a word? It is now) took a long time. District 3 was done around 11:30 pm. District 2 did not adjourn until 12:30 am. There were many objections to the rules and attempts to modify them in the 2nd District.

9:34 am – A.J. Spiker, RPI chairman, calls the convention to order.

9:35 am – A.J. is discussing what Republicans believe: Life, one man, one woman marriage, the right to bear arms, strong national defense, etc.

9:36 am – There are still people filing in. There are still a lot of empty seats.

9:37 am – The “Ron Paul slate” includes Steve Scheffler, Kim Pearson, and the Nominating Committee’s delegate slate from May.

9:39 am – Spiker is railing on Obama now. The wi-fi connection here is slow. I holds up. Spiker just said Obama “may be the most arrogant President in our history.” Indeed.

9:49 am – We just did the invocation, pledge of allegiance and national anthem, beautifully sung by Carolyn Haugland and Emily Gerst.

9:50 am- Governor Branstad speaking now, with more energy than I’ve ever heard. He received a standing ovation from the crowd when he was introduced.

9:52 am – Branstad just made a joke about there only being two Illinois governor’s in the last 40 years who haven’t gone to jail. Funny, but true.

9:53 am – Branstad is on fire here. If every speech he gave had this much passion, he would cruise to a second  sixth term.

955 am – Branstad done. Getting an ovation as he leaves as well.

9:56 am – Initial credential report: 1,202 delegates on the floor.

9:57 am – Monte Shaw asking to move that the Organization Committee report be approved. And it is. Now Bill Talbot from Story County is taking over as permanent chair.

9:58 am – Senator Grassley now at the podium.

10:00 am – Grassley just said he is going to pursue the “Fast and Furious” investigation and got a standing ovation for it. “And is Eric Holder doesn’t cough up those documents, he ought to get out of office.”

10:01 am – Grassley: “I’m here today mostly for a call for unity.”

10:03 am – Grassley: “He must be nothing more than a one-term congressman.” … Err, president.

10:04 am – Grassley: “The Obama administration is a lost cause. The president proved it again last week when he said things were ‘just fine.'”

10:05 am – BTW, here are my predictions for the day, which are not necessarily indicative of how I will be voting: Steve Scheffler and Kim Pearson will win, and Ron Paul’s delegate slate will remain in place. We’ll see what happens. These are supposed to be voting on this morning.

10:07 am – Grassley on Obama: “In 2008, he promised he was going to be post-partisan. He is hyper-partisan.”

10:08 am – Grassley: “The presidential race is a referendum on this guy. It’s up to us to support our candidate, and I’ll make it clear, my candidate, Mitt Romney.”

10:10 am – Grassley: “Iowa is in play. We work hard to carry this state. Either it’s four more years of President Obama or it’s a nice day. And every one of you want a new day. Let’s unite to save America. Thank you.” Senator Grassley is done now.

10:11 am – Not all the delegates are seated yet, so they’re juggling the schedule. Secretary of State Matt Schultz speaking now.

10:12 am – Schultz: “I just want you to know, that I love Voter ID.” Just in case you were unsure about that.

10:13 am – Schultz is encouraging Republicans to take the Iowa Senate, back the four GOP congressional candidates and help elect Romney president.

10:14 am – Schultz is done already. Quick and to the point. Well done.

10:15 am – State Senator Mark Chelgren speaking now.

10:16 am – Chelgren: “I am asking you to help me and help the Republican senators take back the state of Iowa from Senator Gronstal because he has had a stranglehold…for too long.”

10:21 am – Chelgren is done now. Ken Hach, the chair of the rules committee is up now. There was an attempted rule change that violated the RPI Constitution in regards to how national committeeman and committeewoman are elected. The constitution requires they be selected by the highest vote getter instead of who gets the most votes on the first ballot. They’re moving to adopt the rules as presented.

10:23 am – There’s now discussion about this rule and the proper format for deciding this issue.

10:25 am – Hech says they voted to move the elections to majority. Rule #28. I wrote about his earlier this week, which you can read about here.

10:26 am – They’re now showing on the screen that Rule 28 has been changed.

10:28 am – They’re confused about the exact rule. This is ridiculous. Get organized!

10:30 am – It has now be moved and seconded that Rule 28 in the tabloid be moved and changed, so that national committeeman and committeewoman be chosen by majority vote. Jon Gruber from Polk County spoke in favor of the change. It is adopted overwhelmingly. Thank goodness.

10:36 am – There is now a motion that in case the Nominating Committee’s slate is not adopted, each of the 13 delegates will be voted on individually. This would wipe out any full slates of candidates and require a vote on each one. This is an amendment to the Rules Committee report that was submitted in the tabloid.

10:38 am – Joel Kurtinitis, SCC member and Paul supporter, speaks in favor of the amendment.

10:41 am – Monte Shaw: “This is a red herring. This is a nightmare to elect a certain slate. (paraphrasing).”.. “This is a horrible amendment. It should be thrown out.”

10:43 am – SCC member Jeremiah Johnson, another Paul backer, is saying you can’t amend an amendment. The chair says you can.

10:44 am – The Paul backers are arguing against replacing one slate with another slate. David Cushman, another Paul backer, speaking in opposition. The Paulistinians are all clapping.

10:46 am =- Tony Krebsbach, another Paul supporter, speaking against an alternate slate. Says each delegate should be voted on individually.

10:47 am – Frankly, I’m torn on this one. I think delegates should be chosen by the whole body. I’m also not a big fan of slates. I think each delegate should earn their own way.

10:50 am – And the “nays” vote down the amendment to the amendment to have a whole slate replaced by another slate.

10:51 am – They’re now hearing in favor or and in opposition of having each delegate, if the nominating committee slate is voted down, whether or not they can be replaced by a full slate or individually.

10:55 am – John Stokka on Polk County moves that nominating speeches be expanded from 1 minute to 4 minutes. Diana Burden from the Mount Pleasant area smacked that down and said “if they can’t say why we should vote for them in one minute, why should they have four minutes.” The expanded time loses. Thank goodness. We would be here all night.

10:57 am – If you’re at home reading this and are confused, you’re not alone.

10:59 am – We just did a standing vote. Too mixed to tell a winner. Someone just made an excellent point. The amendment demands that national delegates have to be state delegates. That means Governor Branstad and Senator Grassley would not be allowed to be national delegates if this amendment is accepted.

11:00 am – “All nominees must be state delegates,” the amendment says. That means no Branstad, Grassley, Reynolds, Zaun, etc. if this amendment to the rules is adopted.

11:02 am – We’ve not going to vote again on this amendment, 25B.

11:07 am – Some idiot just literally yelled into the microphone “Point of order!”. The chair said he’s “out of order” and another instance of this, the next person will be tossed out. The guy was an idiot.

11:12 am – Kim Reynolds speaking now. They’ve halted the voting until we have a final credentials report. Internet connection is coming in and out.

11:14 am – Reynolds following the Branstad, Grassley, Schultz lead of saying we need to get behind Romney.

11:15 am – Reynolds wrapping up now. She’s getting a standing O from most of the room. Reynolds is now introducing the next speaker….Congressman Steve King.

11:16 am – How popular is Steve King here? People are rising to their feet before he even gets introduced.

11:17 am – Reynolds: “Unlike his opponent, we know where Steve King stands on the issues.” Amen.

11:18 am – The good Congressman is talking now after a raucous ovation.

11:19 am – King: “We have one socialist in the U.S. senate. Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama voted to the left of Bernie Sanders when he was in the senate.”

11:20 am – King ripping ObamaCare now. He is the number one foe of ObamaCare in Congress.

11:21 am – King ripping Obama on debt: “It is unsustainable. My little granddaughter born over a year and a half ago…her share of the national debt when she was born was $44,000.”

11:22 am – King now discussing Obama’s executive order that he suggested yesterday on granting amnesty to some illegal immigrants.

11:23 am – King is talking about how he successfully sued then-Governor Vilsack 12 years ago. King mentions that Obama said two years ago he didn’t have the power to enact the Dream Act w/o Congress’ approval. “I will bring suit against the President of the United States to block that executive order.” Gets a loud standing ovation for that.

11:26 am – King is talking about the need for unity in Tampa. “I trust Mitt Romney to do the right. Some of you might not. But here’s what you can trust. You can always trust BARACK OBAMA  to do the wrong thing.”

11:27 am – King urges Republicans to march together to victory after this convention. He’s wrapping up now to another big ovation.

11:28 am – We’re now going back to the amendment, that if the Nominating Committee’s Ron Paul supporter-laden delegate slate is voted down, the new delegates would have to be voted on individually and they must be state delegates, which excludes Gov. Branstad and Sen. Grassley. Paul supporter Jeremiah Johnson, trying to save the amendment, offered an amendment that we strike the state delegate requirement for election. He was ruled out of order.

11:30 am – Final credentails report: District 1-332 delegates, District 2- 440 , District 3-419, District 4-433 delegates. Wow. Although we’re in Polk County, two of the other three districts have more delegates here than District 3, where Polk County is.

11:33 am – We are now going to a paper ballot on this amendment. This is the first big vote of the day.

11:35 am – So, all the elections are scheduled to take place before lunch. I’m thinking we might not eat before 3pm.

11;45 am – They’re now bickering about the “integrity” of the Nominating Committee. They’re insulted that their integrity is being questioned. Perhaps they shouldn’t have stacked the entire slate with Paul supporters, except for 3 of the 13.

11:48 am – Paulbot Will Johnson just claimed that asking candidates to state who they voted for will “ruin” our First-in-the-Nation caucus. Pot, meet kettle.

11:56 am – The chair is now trying to dismiss people for lunch. And we’re dismissed. Be back in an hour or so.

1:00 pm –  Back from lunch. We’re about to reconvene. A friend notified me of an error I wrote around 11:27 regarding a statement Steve King made. I mistakenly typed Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama. It has now been corrected. My apologoes. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

1:06 pm – Tons of people are still eating lunch. I’m wondering how many left and got sick of all the nonsense. I mean, we haven’t even adopted the rules yet. To say we are WAY behind would be a gross understatement. This could take all day and night at this rate.

1:08 pm – Congressman Latham speaking now. “We have to win (this November) for the future of this country.”

1:09 pm – Latham rips Obama for his executive order idea from Friday. Calls him an “Imperial” president.

1:11 pm – Latham says Boswell’s votes (like on ObamaCare) put the American Dream in jeopardy.

1:12 pm – Latham says his grandchild born in January immediately had a $50,000 share of the U.S. debt.

1:13 pm – Latham: “I will continue to work my heart out…but I can’t do anything without your help.” He’s making a plea for volunteers and support.

1:14 pm – Latham is done now.

1:15 pm – Big vote on the amendment. The ‘Nays” won by about a 200 vote majority. The Ron Paul backers lost that one.

1:16 pm – And the rules have finally been adopted. Hours later than they should have been.

1:17 pm – It’s time for election of the National Committeeman. Now things will get interested.

1:19 pm – Craig William, the SCC treasurer (until the end of the day) nominates fellow SCC member David Chung.

1:20 pm – Steve Scheffler, Bob Kramer and Judd Saul are also nominated. The young lady who nominated Scheffler was asked if she wanted to give a nominating speech. “No,” she said. To great applause. They’re allowed up to 2 minutes so speak.

1:22 pm – Nominating speech for Saul concluding. No last minute surprise nominations. There were whispers of one this week.

1:24 pm – The nominees will speak in order of nomination. David Chung will go first.

1:25 pm – First, we have delegate report. District 1-352, District 2-488, District 3- 461, District 4-462. Total of 1,763 delegates.

1:27 pm – Chung: “I support principle over party, but it is precisely because of those ideals that I hold dear that I am a member of  this Grand Ole Party.” Great line.

1:28 pm – Chung has two sons serving on active duty in the U.S. military. He’s a homeschooling father of 8. He got huge applause when he said George Bush sent our young men to war without a declaration.

1:29 pm – Chung is talking about the conflict of interest with SCC members working for a candidate and how he resigned when he went to work for Christian Fong’s gubernatorial campaign. “I promise that if you elect me National Committeeman, the only  special interest I will report to is you, the Republican Party of Iowa.”

1:30 pm – Current committeeman Steve Scheffler on the stage now. “My life is an open book and my 40 year record is well-documented.”

1:31 pm – Scheffler: “My integrity is well-established with the grassroots…”

1:32 pm – Scheffler: “We need to welcome those newcomers…” He’s comparing the Paulistinians to the social conservatives who took over 25 years ago.

1:33 pm – Scheffler sounds a little nervous. His stumbling a bit in his speech and talking really fast. I think he’s legitimately concerned about losing his spot.

1:35 pm – Scheffler’s done. Robert Kramer is up.

1:36 pm – Kramer opens with the Admiral Stockdale line: “Who am i and what am I doing here?” LOL. Kramer runs a bridge construction business.

1:37 pm – Kramer says he’s not just pro-life, he’s pro-life without exception. “Life is life.”

1:54 pm – Lost the Wi-Fi feed. Judd Saul dropped the bomb on Steve Scheffler in his speech. Accused Scheffler of selling delegate seats, etc. You can read more about all that here. Saul said he couldn’t understand why Scheffler is on the “liberty” (Ron Paul) slate, and said he is the one who can bring the liberty and social conservative and tea party factions together.

1:55 pm – Voting for national committeeman is now taking place. Kraig Paulsen speaking now. Internet connection is very spotty, so this blog might be intermittent the rest of the day.

1:59 pm – Paulsen done now. Senate Minority Leader Jerry Behn speaking now.

2:01 pm – Behn discusses bills getting “Gronstalled” in the senate.

2:02 pm – Behn: “We are excited about property tax reform…. We absolutely have a great recruitment slate of candidates (for state senate).

2:03 pm – Behn asking people to help with walking parades, door knocking, and he actually used the term “community organizers”. Not the best term to use at a Republican convention, but otherwise a good speech.

2:04 pm – Still tabulating the committeeman votes. Nominations now open for nationalcommitteewoman. Sam Clovis, Sioux City area radio host, nominates Margaret Stoldorf.

2:05 pm – Norm Pawlewski nominated Kim Lehman four years ago. He nominates Tamara Scott.

2:08 pm – Karen Fesler from Johnson County nominates Judy Davidson.

2:11 pm – Glen Massie nominates Kim Pearson.

2:14 pm – That’s it for the National Committeewoman nominations. No surprise late entrants in that one either. We should have vote totals soon on the National Committeeman.

2:15 pm – Committeewoman speeches now. Margaret Stoldorf up first. She’s the Montgomery County GOP chair.

2:16 pm – Stoldforf: “I believe I am uniquely qualified to represent you.” Says she has management, law enforcement, business, grassroots, etc. experience.

2:18 pm – Stoldorf: “Republican leadership does not exist to direct us. They work for us. And if elected, I will work for you.”

2:19 pm – Stoldorf rattles off the list of conservative values: life, marriage, Second Amendment, etc. that she supports.

2:21 pm – Stoldorf done. Tamara Scott up now.

2:22 pm – Scott: “I am not on a slate, I am not on a ticket… I am here to give my allegiance to God, nature’s law..and you.”

2:24 pm – Scott: “I will defend keeping the U.S. out of the UN, the UN out of the U.S.” Gets applause for that.

2:25 pm – Scott: ” You and I both know there are some tensions in our party. The enemy is not in here… Can we not destroy those we disagree with that are likeminded.”

2:26 pm – Scott: “We have got to come together. We have brighter days ahead. We must not talk about blocking others out.” She’s finishing up. Davidson will be the next speaker.

2:27 pm – Davidson says she’s personally made over 1,100 calls to delegates.

2:29 pm – Davidson says she’s got the experience, commitment to excellence and proven results that make her fit for the position.

2:30 pm – Davidson: “We are now on our way from being a blue county to being a red county (in Scott County).” Applause.

2:32 pm – Davidson: “The only group that I will work for is you. This is my passion and what I love to do…. I am a 100% pro-life, tradition marriage, pro-second amendment conservative…”

2:33 pm – Davidson just wrapped up. Kim Pearson up now.

2:34 pm – Pearson is railing against the “establishment” and talks about a flier that is a “hit piece”. It pointed out her voting record being in line with Democrats. I haven’t researched it, but Pearson did often vote with the Dems, for entirely different reasons than what the Dems had.

2:35 pm – Pearson: “There cannot be unity with those principles that are diametrically opposed to our principles.”

2:37 pm – Pearson: “There are those who have disagreed with our stands. But I ask you, which one of your God-given rights do you think I can negotiate away…The truth is I have no authority to negotiate away your God-given rights.”

2:38 pm – Pearson says she voted with the state senate Republicans when she voted against an increase in the state budget.

2:39 pm – Pearson’s wrapping up. The Paulistinians are giving her a standing ovation.

2:40 pm – They’ve hit a glitch in counting the votes. Second Congressional District nominee John Archer takes the podium.

2:42 pm – Archer thanks his supporters. “Together, this November, I know we will defeat Dave Loebsack.”

2:43 pm – Archer is referencing Reagan. You can never go wrong doing that at a GOP event. Kinda like speaking out in favor of abortion “women’s rights” is a sure favorite at Democrat events.

2:44 pm – Apparently Linn County has ten more ballots turned in than they had actual delegates, so they have to revote. I’ve seen the totals for a few counties and Steve Scheffler was ahead in those. It looks good for him, but he has to surpass 50%.

2:44 pm – Apparently Linn County has ten more ballots turned in than they had actual delegates, so they have to revote. I’ve seen the totals for a few counties and Steve Scheffler was ahead in those. It looks good for him, but he has to surpass 50%.

2:47 pm – Archer says the Democrats, having their convention practically next door, are busy attacking us today. Their saying we’re “pandering to the rich”. Here’s my question: If the GOP is the party of the rich, where’s my $$$??? I’m getting ripped-off.

2:56 pm – Wi-fi acting up again. No one surpassed the 50% threshold in the first National Committeeman ballot. Steve Scheffler was the leading vote-getter with 700+. David Chung was second with 500+. So there will be a run-off between those two. Linda Upmeyer is speaking now. A lot of delegates are getting restless. Lots of people walking around, taking a pit stop, etc. Some have had enough and are leaving.

2:59 pm – I just got an email from Michele Bachmann’s congressional campaign. This is the second follow-up asking me if I got Bachmann’s email from earlier in the week. Yes, I got it. And I got the one you sent yesterday asking if I got the one sent Thursday. And now I got the one Saturday asking if I got the one sent Thursday, which I already read on Friday. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

3:03 pm – We are now going to start debate on a proposed amendment to the RPI Constitution that would ban SCC members from working for a presidential campaign, nor publicly denounce any candidate.

3:05 pm – Here is the amendment: “No member or officer of the Republican State Central Committee, including Iowa’s representatives to the Republican National Committee, shall publicly endorse a candidate or receive any renumeration from a candidate or candidate’s committee in a Republican primary or caucus. Neither shall they publicly denounce any Republican candidate.

3:08 pm – Kim Lehman, national committeewoman who endorsed Santorum, is speaking against the amendment. “Transparency is critical,” she says.

3:12 BIG NEWS: Steve Scheffler is reelected National Committeeman, 889-781 (approximately). They took the numbers down quickly, but it was about a hundred vote difference between Scheffler and David Chung.

3:14 There was a motion to suspend the rules to continue debate on the amendment. It was overwhelmingly rejected.

3:15 pm Brad Zaun speaking now, praising Ron Paul. Says he is right 110% on money issues. The Bots started yelling so I don’t think they heard the “on money issues” part.

3:17 pm We’re also voting on National Committeewoman while Senator Zaun speaks.

3:18 pm Zaun: “I had a crazy idea to shut down the Department of Education.” He almost took the roof off with that one. The crowd went crazy. Not speaking out against the traffic camera. Another big cheer.

3:20 pm – Zaun on the Dems: “It’s all about personal attacks. All about lies.” He’s referencing the mudslinging campaign Boswell ran against him in the congressional race two years ago. Boswell didn’t run a single positive commercial the whole campaign. It was all about attacking Zaun. He’s done now. Definitely fired up the crowd.

3:22 pm – Jeremy Davis from Story County is on the stage with the Junior Delegates. This is usually a highlight of the convention. These youngsters are very bright.

3:24 pm – A junior delegate, sorry didn’t get his name: “There’s something more than the Constitution. That’s the Declaration of Independence.” Amen. People often forget that “unalienable” right to “life”.

3:25 pm – Junior delegate: “We will only ever, ever be as strong as “We the People”. They’re getting a standing ovation.

3:26 pm – Junior delegate platform planks: We support the Personhood Amendment. We support parent-taught driver’s education. We believe the banner (flag) of the United States should be respected. “Spitting on it is not an option.” And another standing ovation for the junior delegates. GREAT job guys. And gals.

3:29 pm – I just say the Polk County national committeewoman vote: Kim Pearson, who is from Polk, edged Tamara Scott 95-87. That could make things very interesting.

3:30 pm – The junior delegate who spoke is named Josh Diercks. Hope I spelled that right. Great speech. UPDATE: The junior delegates chairman is named Ben Dirks. Sorry Ben. Great job today.

3:33 pm – There is now debate about whether or not we should accept the Junior Delegates’ planks into the RPI Platform.

3:34 pm – Some are taking issue with their plank about desecrating the U.S. flag That was a plank two years ago. It is not in this year’s proposed platform.

3:38 pm – Still debating the junior delegates’ planks. Things have ground to a crawl.

3:41 pm – Ugh. Sometimes Robert’s Rules of Order are a real pain in the rear. This should be very simple. The junior delegates are allowed to offer two planks. They offered three. The third one is disputed. Strike the third. Accept the first two and let’s move on with our lives.

3:43 pm – Still debating the junior delegates’ platform planks…

3:45 pm – Just shoot me…

3:46 pm – They’re asking for people to speak in favor of or against. Someone just came out for and against it. He’s at the wrong convention. John Kerry fans are next door.

3:48 pm – National Committeewoman votes: We’re going to go to a second ballot. Pearson got 755, Tamara Scott – 514.

3:50 pm – The second ballot could be very interesting. I would think most of Judy Davidson’s votes, who got 300+ will go to Scott. She will need almost of them to win. We’ll see.

3:55 pm – Congressional hopeful Ben Lange speaking now. He’s ripping into the Democrats’ Golden Child, Bruce Braley. “I decided to run for congress because Bruce Braley has been a complete failure.”

3:59 pm – Lange: “There is no race that is going to impact the future of Iowa more than the First Congressional District.”… “If we don’t defeat Bruce Braley in November of 2012, here he comes knocking to be your next United States senator.”

4:01 pm – Lange is done. They’re still doing tabulation for National Committeewoman. It looks like that is Polk.

4:05 pm – Can someone bring me a large Iced Coffee, or a 5 Hour energy boost? We’re going to be here for a loooonnnnggggg time. Still have to do nominations and votes on delegates, which could take forever. Then there’s the platform. Ugh. I should’ve brought a cot.

4:06 pm- Polk County voted 110-93, Tamara Scott over Kim Pearson. That’s a fairly significant swing. If eastern Iowa moves toward Scott, along with most of Margaret Stoldorf’s SW Iowa votes, she’ll pull it out. It’s going to be very close I think.

4:09 pm – They are doing an audit on those numbers. In the meantime, we’re going to vote on the Constitutional Amendment. Voice vote, the amendment fails. SCC members can still work for primary/caucus campaigns. Even though that violates the RPI Platform. Those who preach the most about following the platform also preach in favor violating this longstanding plank.

4:13 pm – BIG NEWS: TAMARA SCOTT is the new National Committeewoman. She wins 825-782 over Kim Pearson. So basically all the Davidson/Stoldorf voters swung to Scott, more or less.

4:17 pm – There is a woman who looked up the voting history of the At-Large delegates and says many of them rarely if ever vote. That would be the slate packed with Paul supporters. Out of the 13, 10 openly supported Paul. Some were Democrats. One was a congressional candidate who apparently did not vote in the general election after he lost the primary.

4:20 pm – Dave Funk, Polk County co-chair, says one of the nominees is for gay marriage. “The nominee from Polk County, no one can tell me who that person is. I urge we reject this slate.”

4:22 pm – Monte Shaw, SCC member who was on the nominating committee, speaks against the slate of delegates. “It includes someone who is for gay marriage and someone who openly attacks a pro-life member of the House instead of pro-choice Democrats.”

4:24 pm – We’re now voting on the slate. Couldn’t tell on the voice vote. Now doing a standing vote. “Nays” have it. The slate is rejected. The Paulbots now calling for a paper ballot.

4:27 pm – We’re going to paper ballot. The fun never ends…

4:43 pm – Lost internet there for a little bit. Still counting  ballots. In Polk County, the slate was rejected 83-98 vote. There are whispers that it passed overall, but they are conducting an audit right now.

4:45 pm – BIG NEWS:  The At-Large delegate slate PASSES. That means Ron Paul takes 21 of Iowa’s 25 elected delegates. The other three are our National Committeeman Steve Scheffler, National Committeewoman Kim Lehman and RPI Chairman AJ Spiker.

4:48 pm – LOTS of people have had enough and are leaving. The Paulistinians are high-fiving each other. “Yeah, we get to vote for a presidential candidate who didn’t win a single state!! Hooray!!”

4:55 pm – The platform debate is in full swing. Someone was reading earlier and brought me and iced coffee!! AWESOME. Thank you. The caffeine is much needed. I’m going to try to stick around for a little while for this.

4:56 pm – There is debate about adding a pro-life plank. Someone is arguing against planks like late-term abortion, etc. because they aren’t about ending all abortions. The plank is offered by Glen Massie.

5:13 pm – Wi fi is acting up again. I think I’m going to shut the live blog down. The Massie plank passed, which is good. It says we are opposed to all abortions. Speakers who were in favor of it actually harmed the vote, although it passed.

5:15 pm – There is a quorum call to shut this down since so many people have left. There’s still enough people here to have a quorum. I’m going to stick around for a bit and I’ll update the Live Blog if something big happens. Otherwise, thanks for following along. Interesting day.

Ron Paul gets his delegate slate from Iowa. Steve Scheffler remains committeeman. Tamara Scott, who placed a fairly distant second on the first ballot, comes from behind to win national committeewoman.

5:32 pm – A vote was just taken to accept everything that is in the proposed platform as written. It passed. So the only thing left to debate is individual planks to add to the platform. That’s a significant development. And with that, I’m done. Have a great night. See you in Kevin’s Korner tomorrow.

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