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May 8th, 2012

Lange Launches Radio Ad in 1st CD Primary

Ben Lange has launched his first radio ad for his 2012 congressional campaign.  The ad named, “Restoring the Generational Compact,” begins running tomorrow across the district.  Lange, the 2010 Republican nominee is facing a primary challenge from Dubuque businessman Rod Blum.  The winner of the primary will face Congressman Bruce Braley this fall.


For centuries American progress has depended upon a generational compact in which each generation creates the conditions for the next generation to live better than the last.

My name is Ben Lange, candidate for U.S. Congress and a dad to three little girls.

The current political leadership has indebted my girls to the tune of $150,000 before they can even ride a bike. Our national debt has skyrocketed to $16 trillion and DC politicians now borrow $0.40 of every dollar spent.

Who’s going to repay this? Your sons and daughters? My three little girls – victims who cannot yet defend themselves?

This is the greatest social injustice of my lifetime perpetrated not by one class of citizens against another, nor one race against another, but by one generation against the next.

This is Ben Lange, candidate for U.S. Congress, and I approve this message because I will restore the generational compact.

Paid for by Lange for Congress 2012.”

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