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November 7th, 2012

King Vanquishes Vilsack

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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Conservative firebrand Steve King withstood a challenge from former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack, capturing the seat in Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District. Despite backing from liberal special interest groups from around the nation, King withstood a barrage of negative attacks and captured his sixth term in Congress.

King garnered a double-digit victory, leading 55.6%-44.4% with 467 of 490 precincts reporting. The size of the margin is a little surprising considering polling done in recent weeks showed a much closer race.

Vilsack, copying the Hillary Clinton model from her New York Senate campaign years ago, tried desperately to hide her liberal leanings and paint herself as a moderate. However, she turned the campaign into a nasty one. Just minutes into their first debate, she called King “an embarrassment”.

She took the same tone in subsequent debates, but the effect was lessened each time and King capably counteracted them. King, one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Congress, was a major target for the Democrats. His outspokenness occasionally causes political headaches for his staff. However, Steve King is beloved my conservatives in western Iowa, who appreciate a politician that is not afraid to speak his mind.

King released the following statement shortly after being announced the victor:

“I’ve traveled to all 382 towns in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District. I found every city and town has something unique to call its own. It may be a church, a park, a statue, a memorial, a business or even the finest bright yellow ’57 Chevy in America. But as unique and different as each of our towns are, we are bound together by our common-sense Iowa values.

“Throughout this race we have run a positive, issues-based campaign that reflects our shared Iowa values and common sense. In eleven contested races, I’ve never run a negative advertisement, we’ve always sought to inform voters with the objective truth and it has always paid off in the ballot box.

“We are committed to the full, 100 percent repeal of ObamaCare and replacing it with free market solutions, which preserve doctor-patient relationships. It is immoral for us to mortgage our children’s labor to force them to pay the debts we incur during our time. We need a Balanced Budget Amendment to our Constitution so we pay down, and off, our National Debt. We will harness all forms of American energy to become North American energy independent within eight years. Washington must provide stability and predictability for business to reinvest profit and grow.

“This has become more than a campaign. People knew to do what they could do and spontaneously put up signs, carved candidates’ names into their fields, made calls, knocked doors and made a difference. There is no way we could have directed this organic movement. It was a groundswell from the grassroots.

“To those who supported our campaign and drove us to victory, thank you. Our message through this campaign was clear and tonight voters made it clear they agree – it’s time for conservative solutions to restore our American Dream.”

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