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April 5th, 2012

King Defends His Pro-Life Stance, Ready to Take on Pro-Abortion Vilsack

The Susan B. Anthony List is a pro-life organization that helps like-minded women get elected. Why then, did the group donate to Iowa Congressman Steve King’s campaign? Simple. He is one of the staunchest defenders of life in all of American politics. King’s Democrat opponent, Christie Vilsack, is a champion of the pro-abortion lobby.

“You can look at the list of contributors and figure out who’s on what side of almost every argument,” King told a crowd of 45 in Ft. Dodge this week. “I’m not on Emily’s List. Planned Parenthood doesn’t max out to me.”

Both of those pro-abortion groups have endorsed Vilsack. While Steve King is a very strong pro-life advocate, his opponent is the exact opposite. Christie Vilsack avoids talking about abortion on the campaign trail, but her record and her list of contributors make it clear where the congressional hopeful stands. Vilsack is the former executive director of The Iowa Initiative, an umbrella organization for pro-abortion groups. She is now the chair of the organization’s board of directors.

The Iowa Initiative’s mission is to “reduce unintended pregnancies in Iowa”. Their website provides directions to every abortion clinic in the state. Vilsack’s campaign website completely whitewashes the Iowa Initiative’s true mission. It simply states the organization is “a privately funded research program focused on women’s health”. The truth is, Vilsack’s group advocates for expanding taxpayer funding for abortions.

During Congressman King’s visit to Ft. Dodge earlier this week, one attendee challenged him for opposing taxpayer funds going to Planned Parenthood. She claimed that the organization’s mantra is “prevention instead of abortion”. King flatly denied that premise.

“Planned Parenthood reported that they did 5,500+ abortions in the last year in 14 clinics in Iowa and two in Nebraska,” King said. “Of those, the referrals for adoptions that they reported was zero. I think that’s a statistic that tells you a lot about Planned Parenthood. And I don’t think that we should compel the taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood. That’s been my stand for a long time.”

King went on to calmly explain his pro-life stance. “I believe that human life is sacred in all of its forms,” he said. “The next question that needs to be answered by everyone is, ‘At what instant does life begin?’ I will choose the instant at conception. If anybody has another position, then we have a debate. That’s where I stand and I think everybody knows that and it’s a conviction on my part. I respect you and your right to have an opinion.”

Steve King has challenged Christie Vilsack to six debates. He is still waiting for her to sit down with him and iron out the details. The conservative congressman is anxious to contrast his stances’ with the liberal former First Lady of Iowa.

“We’ve got Iowa values on the line and I’m looking forward to this,” King said. “It’s going to be the most expensive campaign for Congress that this state has ever seen. We’ve polled the issues. She can’t run on the issues. That we know. So that means change the subject and/or go negative. That’s what we will see. It will be something like we’ve never seen before on the negative side of this. I will learn things about me that I don’t yet know. It’s already started.”

Vilsack’s campaign repeatedly accuses King of voting “to end Medicare”, a statement that is demonstrably false. However, Steve King is ready for the smears and attacks.f He has largely avoided criticizing Vilsack’s stances, choosing instead to highlight his own.

“I’m going to bring this back to issues over and over again, what’s good for northern Iowa, things that you and I believe in,” King said. “American values, constitutional values, full spectrum constitutional conservative values that are strong on faith and family and free market economics and an opportunity society, as opposed to a growing dependency class.”

Congressman King is in the midst of a 23-stop tour of Iowa’s new 4th Congressional District. It includes 39 counties across northern Iowa. 21 of those, he has not represented before. King’s town hall tour wraps up Monday in Iowa Falls.

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