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May 24th, 2012

King Contrasts His Stances with Vilsack’s at HQ Opening

For Congressman Steve King to withstand the challenge from Christie Vilsack, he will need to do well in liberal-leaning Story County, where Democrats hold a slight voter registration edge. King joined with the Republican Party of Iowa to open their Story County Victory office on Wednesday. Along with serving as the main campaign headquarters for Congressman King, staff will work on behalf of all Republicans to turn out the vote in November.

RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker, who is the former chair of the Story County GOP, pointed out that Congressman Tom Latham won Story County in 2010, so he’s confident local volunteers can help Steve King do the same. Spiker then eviscerated Christie Vilsack’s liberal leanings.

“Christie Vilsack can’t be allowed into Congress. She’s a liberal who would have done the same things as Barack Obama wanted,” Spiker said. “She would have carried the water on ObamaCare and she would have ushered in this socialist era of big government that’s became a part of every day Washington Democrat life. As Christie Vilsack is going around Iowa trying to pretend she’s a moderate, we’ll be continuing to expose her for the views she does have.”

Congressman King also took the opportunity to contrast his stances with Vilsack’s on several key issues. “She’s for ObamaCare, I’m against ObamaCare. In fact, I don’t know if there’s anybody in America more against ObamaCare than Steve King,” the congressman said to laughter from the crowd. “I am for a balanced budget amendment, she’s opposed to a balanced budget amendment. Fiscal responsibility is no longer in the vernacular of Democrats.”

Vilsack recently unveiled her five-point energy plan, which included creating more government bureaucracy and taxpayer-subsidized giveaways. “She’s said some things about energy. I’ll bet she’s not for drilling the outer continental shelf, putting rigs back in the Gulf, drilling ANWR, or the non-national park public lands. I am. I want to do all of that,” King said. “I want to open up all energy. I want clean burning coal, I want more nuclear, and I want ethanol, biodiesel and wind to jump into the middle of that thing and compete and I think they can.”

The Ames office opening was the final stop on a three-day swing through the new Fourth Congressional District, as King highlighted his “Restoring Our American Dream” vision. Last week, King announced his support for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. King says he and Romney have the same goal at the top of their agenda: Repealing ObamaCare.

“The number one plank in my platform, and I believe the platform of Mitt Romney, who will be the next President of the United States, is the full, 100 percent repeal of ObamaCare,” King said as the crowd applauded. “And it isn’t just repeal it, push it behind us and get it over with. It is rip it out by the roots so there’s not one vestige of it left behind, or it will grow back on us.”

A crowd of 60 Story County Republicans attended the office opening. A group of 20 liberal protestors assembled outside the building, but they arrived after King and most of the attendees had already entered the building and only stayed for 10 minutes.

Steve King has met with pushback from liberals throughout his travels this week. While the Democrats call the conservative firebrand “divisize”, King says they need to look at their own leader to find the root of division in our country.

“We’ve got a president who is dividing people here in the United States,” King claimed. “Dividing people along the lines of class, on wealth, class envy, on race, on gender, on ethnicity, over and over again. Pitting Americans against people, getting Americans to be divided, not unified. Can’t we just accept that we’re all created in God’s image and we’re really blessed to in the United States of America and we have an obligation and duty to help everybody live out the American Dream?”

King added that he wants to make this campaign about issues. He is confident that Christie Vilsack does not because she is not with Iowans on the issues.

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