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May 24th, 2012

Kim Lehman not to Seek Re-election as RNC Committeewoman

Four years ago, I decided to run for the position of Republican National Committeewoman.  Two people came to my aid, Gopal Krishna and Norm Pawlewski, and I am very grateful for their friendship.  My campaign commitment was to put first God, family, country and then Party—in that order.  That message resonated to the delegates then as it still does today … a commitment I’ve taken very seriously to fulfill.

During my term on the Committee,  I have worked hard with other conservatives on issues that range from exposing the UN Agenda 21, to an effort to defeat the National Popular Vote Compact that is funded by Jonathan Soros and other extreme liberals.  Those efforts have paid huge dividends and we have slowed them down, but have yet to defeat them. Even though there is so much more work to be done, I have made the decision to leave the Republican National Committee (RNC) to pursue another important cause—The John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute.

Some would say to me, can you do both.  Normally I would say yes, but in this case, I’m working to found an Institute that is launching a national campaign called Give Cures and the time required won’t allow me to do both.  Focusing on my priorities, the choice is clear—the Institute.  It is more then a job for me.  The Institute is the pro-life alternative to all other research groups that are killing embryos for research or advocating government funding to do so.  It is a serious problem.  The progressive culture has bought into the idea that it is moral to kill for cures.

Thank God, that is not true for everyone.  Yesterday I took a call from a woman in Illinois who had been asked by her friend to give to a research organization that is working on a cure for M.S.  However, the research organization she has been asked to give to kills embryos in their research, and so she cannot support it–yet she wants to help her friend.  She is not alone.  Even the patients themselves who need a cure are concerned with the possibility they may one day be faced with a moral question … “Will I use a therapy that was derived from the death of embryos or babies killed at abortion clinics?”  They are looking for an ethical alternative.

Both the patients and the woman from Illinois said they had never heard of the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute but that they would rather give to ethical research.  Problem solved.  This reaction is the same I have seen repeatedly.  The more aware I become of this problem, the more I’m convinced of the urgency to help the Institute’s Give Cures campaign.

It is true.  The John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute’s brand is ethical research.  But it goes beyond a commitment to ethical research; it is working to build a newborn cord blood bank so that in the future every cancer patient who needs a stem call match can get one.  That is our vision!  It is humanitarian at its finest.

The Institute’s Give Cures campaign is duly named so people can give what they personally have for cures.  This allows for a good conscience knowing the Institute’s goals are to preserve life while searching for cures to save lives.  Some people call it “win-win.”  We also like to say at the Institute…”it just got better.”  You can learn more at

It is a new season for me as I step down from the RNC and step up to Give Cures. I will miss all the wonderful people who have helped to protect our Republic in small but effective ways.  It really doesn’t require much to speak the truth, which is an advantage to our side. We just need more people willing to learn what that truth is (located in the Word of God) and to stand up for it when duty calls.

My thanks to all the delegates who voted for me and to all the people around the state who work hard to help make it possible for good people to run for public office.  May God bless all of you.

Wow! Looking back four years, it amazes me how much we were able to accomplish.  We were able to pass some very good resolutions, some of which were:

Opposition to Bail Outs
Democrats March to Socialism
The Life Issue a Fundamental Foundation
Resolution on Cap and Trade
Resolution Opposing the National Popular Vote
Resolution Opposing the UN Agenda 21
Resolution in Support of Arizona
Resolution to Abandon Earmarks
Resolution in Support of Good Governance
Resolution to Reform the Obama Policy on Appointing Czars
Resolution to Repeal Obamacare
Resolution to Support Israel
Resolution to Keep US Missile Technology from China
Resolution Urging Protection of Second Amendment Rights

I will also be stepping down from the new organization I helped found called “Republican’s Opposed the National Popular Vote” (ROTNPV).  I’m confident my good friends Debbie Joslin, John Ryder, Carolyn McLarty, John Sigler and Solomon Yue will finish the job.

It has been a blessing to serve the RNC and I look forward to Tampa, as well as meeting Iowa’s new State Central Committee members.

Your friend,

Kim Lehman,
Republican National Committeewoman, IA

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