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December 2nd, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Spiker’s Shrubbery, RPI Elections and Desmund’s Fake Republicans

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the first thing you see at the Iowa GOP website is a picture of a movie character who blew up the office building he worked in?

As I said last week, RPI was an inside job. Hang on to your Swingline stapler, AJ

Although A.J. Spiker, or another Paulistinian, is likely to remain in the RPI chairman’s seat, other candidates are starting to express interest. Co-Chair Bill Schickel, who lost to Spiker on a 9-8 vote in February, wants to try again … I know of at least one other person who is strongly considering running. I imagine there are others …

Elections for RPI chairman, co-chair and secretary are set for January 5. There are 18 voting members on the State Central Committee. The chair and co-chair do not get to vote … The current makeup of the SCC practically guarantees at least seven votes (and probably more) for Spiker or his Paulistinian heir apparent … The Ron Paul crowd is not going to give up the chairmanship without a fight. I’m betting that unless one of the Paul Seven shows the ability to think independently, they keep the seat …

I find it interesting that A.J.’s puppeteers are trying to deflect criticism of his less-than-stellar tenure by attacking Matt Strawn … Yep, the Paulistinian hierarchy is adopting the Democrat playbook: “It’s never Obama’s fault. Blame Bush” … Spiker has failed in every conceivable measure that he personally laid out as his goals in February, but none of that could possibly be his fault. Must be someone else’s …

Perhaps Spiker’s puppeteers are descendants of the Knights of Ni, and they just want more shrubberies at RPI HQ … For all the feedback I received about last week’s rant, it was TIR founder Craig Robinson who produced line of the week in regard to this whole debacle. “The 2007 Straw Poll helped pay down the mortgage on the building and paid for the installation of a new floor in the conference room.  The 2011 event paid for a new roof, interior renovations, and new landscaping.  Those things are all nice, but please don’t tell me our Republican Chairman is about to cause a civil war within the Iowa GOP over a limestone retaining wall and some shrubs.” … NI!

Some people ask why I’m so hard on the Ron Paul crowd … It should be obvious … I don’t think any one group should control all aspects of the state party. The Paulistinians got almost all our national delegate slots, they dominate the SCC and supporting Paul is a prerequisite to getting hired by RPI …

Put yourselves in our shoes for a minute … How would you Ron Paul supporters feel if only Rick Santorum backers or Mitt Romney backers controlled the party apparatus the way the Paul people do now? You wouldn’t like it at all … And neither would I … So, that’s why I’m so critical of the Paulistinians … Plus, the central bankers and Bilderbergers make me do it.

It’s December and Christmas is rapidly approaching. Nothing gets me into the spirit of the season like classic Christmas movies. The stories of giving, the drama, the feel-good endings … Yep, there’s nothing quite like “Bad Santa” to get you into the holiday mood. I always get misty-eyed at the end … Good, clean fun for the whole family.

In other election news, Governor Branstad has set January 22 as the date for the special election in House District 52. The seat opened when moderate Dem Brian Quirk resigned, three weeks after getting reelected, to take a job as the general manager of New Hampton Municipal Light Plant …

Retired teacher Tom Sauser has already announced his intentions to seek the Democrat nomination and will likely receive it … No Republican has announced yet. The left-leaning district includes all of Chickasaw and Floyd counties and part of Cerro Gordo.

Things are looking good in the Senate District 22 race for Republican Charles Schneider. He leads Democrat Desmund Adams in absentee ballots returned 1,200-616. Republicans have requested almost 900 more ballots than Dems and returned them at a higher percentage rate. The special election is December 11

If this political thing doesn’t work out for Desmund Adams, he’s got a future as a Barack Obama impersonator. Along with the obvious similarities, Adams sounds more like the president than any SNL impersonator I’ve heard. Even the little “uh” sounds Obama makes occasionally between words. The resemblance is uncanny …

If you’d like a good laugh, check out this Adams campaign video. The host claims it shows “what Democrats and Republicans have to say about Desmund Adams” …  Really? Really! … Let’s take a look at the numerous “Republicans” in the video: First testimonial is from my former boss Suzy Robinette, a committed lib who last I heard was the chief development officer for Planned Parenthood … Next, Dawn Taylor, a longtime Dem donor … She’s followed by the ultra-conservative Dem Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal

The next speaker doesn’t give her name. She looks familiar but I can’t place it. Anyone know? Maybe we’ve got our first Republican. Whoo hoo!!  … Next, former Dem Lt. Governor Sally Pederson, followed by Dem State Senators Matt McCoy, Steve Sodders, Iowa Democrat Party Chair Sue Dvorsky, and Dem big money donor Fred Hubbell … Finally, the last testimonial in that long list of “Republicans” who support “moderate” Desmund Adams: Christie Vilsack!!! The Abortion Queen!!!

Yep. Desmund’s got tons of “bipartisan” support … For those of you keeping score at home, in a campaign video that purports to show “Republicans” supporting Desmund Adams, at least 9 of the 10 speakers are among the biggest liberals in the state.

Republican Chris Hagenow has officially won reelection in Iowa House District 43. Challenger Susan Judkins requested a recount after losing the race by 22 votes. House Republicans were so confident Hagenow’s lead would hold, they named him majority whip prior to the recount. They were right … Congratulations, Rep. Hagenow.

Speaking of counting votes, a false narrative has been created and become widespread that Mitt Romney failed to match John McCain’s vote total of 2008. It’s not true. After all the votes were counted, Romney passed McCain by more than 725,00060,673,376 people voted for Romney. 59,948,323 voted for McCain four years ago

Romney also bettered McCain in every battleground state except one: Ohio. Granted, that is perhaps the most crucial one … Even more surprising, Romney surpassed George W. Bush’s 2004 turnout in the key states of Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Virginia.

I hope to do some overseas travelling in the next few years, but Serbia and Brazil are definitely off the list. The mayor of a town in Serbia says a vampire is on the loose. If Sookie’s not around, I have no interest in being near fangers … In Brazil, an anaconda was recently videotaped throwing up a whole cow. Gross. I prefer my steaks served medium well, not rare.

Strange things are afoot here: A Kansas City Royals fan, who lives near KC, gets a Powerball ticket that matches the jersey numbers of Royals’ greats George Brett (5), Mark Gubicza (23), Bo Jackson (16), Dennis Leonard (22), Dan Quisenberry (29) and Willie Wilson (6) … Those also matched the winning numbers in Wednesday’s jackpot. However, the winner, Mark Hill, says the numbers were chosen at random … This sounds a little too fishy to me, so I did some research. It turns out, it’s true. Believe it or not, the Kansas City Royals did actually have great players. Long ago.

Finally, are you pro-life? Want to find an easy way to help the cause? Order your “Choose Lifelicense plates today … A politician I know who has never lost a race wholeheartedly believes bumper stickers are some of the best advertising you can use. These plates fit into that same category … It’s a small way to show where you stand on our most important issue.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

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