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August 12th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Ryan’s Hope, Barack’s Broken Promises, and Boswell’s Brats

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. This is the strangest life I’ve ever known.

I thought for sure Mitt Romney was going to pick Ron Paul to be his running mate. How could he be so blind??? Doesn’t he know that the man who didn’t win a single state is the only one who can defeat Obama? … RON PAUL!!!!

Two signs that Paul Ryan is a good pick for Mitt Romney’s running mate: the left and the Paulistinians immediately went on the attack … I like Congressman Ryan, but I still believe Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was the best pick … The Dems and their accomplices in the media will go after the Ryan budget with a vengeance and accuse him of trying to steal from and kill grandma …

I hope having the wonkish Ryan on the ticket will spur a good, substantive discussion of issues like spending and entitlements, replacing the constant stream of negative and false attack ads … Of course, I can wish in one hand …  The good news is, Ryan will school Joe Biden in their October 11 debate.

Whatever happened to Hope and Change? All the young people who fell for Barack’s load of crap four years ago need to take a serious look at all his broken promises … Politifact has a five page rundown for your viewing pleasure … Now, all he does is just attack, attack, attack because other than whacking Bin Laden, Obama’s few “accomplishments” are enormously unpopular

One of Obama’s broken promises was to close down the terrorist prison at Gitmo. I’ve been against this for years, but some new and disturbing news has changed my mind. There are reports that the Gitmo prisoners love watching “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” … Something very wrong has corrupted the minds of these men.

I had a good time at Saturday’s Family Leadership Summit. Fascinating speeches and discussions and a good chance to get together with conservative friends I haven’t seen in a while … I’ll have much more on the event, including video, tomorrow … Despite its success, I did feel there were two things missing that I was expecting to be there: A couple shoulder parrots and Chick-fil-A catering …

It wouldn’t be an election in Iowa unless Bob Vander Plaats was involved. The three-time failed gubernatorial candidate (and two-time failed lieutenant governor candidate) will lead the charge to oust Justice Wiggins from the Iowa Supreme Court, as he did with three justices two years ago …

And let’s give BVP some credit. Despite being 0-5 in elections, he is 3-0 when backing other candidates or causes … Just as long as his name’s not on the ballot, Bob does OK … I hope he remembers that in 2014.

In terms of the horserace, I think this judge ouster effort will prove more difficult than 2010 … For one, the pool of voters will be much larger, since it’s a presidential year. Secondly, two more years have passed since the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. That’s an eternity in politics. Third, the tide is turning in the favor of same-sex marriage. Like it or not, that’s a fact …

RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker entered the fray on this issue with a press release a week and a half ago. It probably helped himself politically, but no one else … The press release allowed Spiker to mask over his allegiance to the Paulisitians and at least appear to be an ally of the so-cons …

But Spiker also tied the entire Iowa GOP to the judge ouster movement with one press release. Did he consult the State Central Committee on that? … This will not help some Republican candidates in state house and senate races.

As for the whiny brats on Leonard Boswell’s staff, if you got that worked up about his continued support for Cap and Trade, it’s going to be a very long three months … It’s not like I grilled Ol’ Leonard about repeatedly attempting to line his own pocket, at the expense of taxpayers, by sponsoring bills to benefit companies he does business with … Just so you know. It’s on.

Iowa House rep Dan Kelley (D-Newton…and the D is for Dumba$$) recently made the following statement: “There is no peaceful or safe use for nuclear technology.”  … Really Dan? Really? Maybe you should stick to being DJ … There’s an extremely high likelihood that you and your family benefit personally from nuclear technology …

Hey, Funkmaster Dan, here are just a few “peaceful” and “safe” uses for nuclear technology: X-rays, detection of cancer, fighting cancer, thyroid treatment, clothing, hand tools, water purifying, insect control, food preservation, smoke detectors, etc … Nuclear technology saves lives, Dan. Even those of environmental wackos like you.

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz wants to remove people from the voter rolls who are not citizens!! The horror! The horror!! … Why would anyone be opposed to preventing people who shouldn’t legally vote from voting? … I mean, Dem Attorney General Tom Miller is helping Schultz … Yes, really

Meanwhile, DCI has assigned an agent to the Secretary of State’s office to investigate more than 2,000 cases of voter fraud in Iowa … For those libs who keep demanding proof that voter fraud exists, be careful what you wish for.

The lefties didn’t learn their lesson after the enormous backlash to their their pathetic attacks on Chick-fil-A. Now, some of them are urging their fellow lemmings to boycott Papa John’s Pizza because the CEO criticized ObamaCare … I’m thinking this is a brilliant marketing strategy. I expect Burger King’s CEO to come out in favor of Personhood any day now.

Iowa Right to Life says we are one of only three states that forces taxpayers to pay for fetal anomaly abortions. And we’re doing it even after funding was removed from the budget last year …  Come on Governor Branstad. End this nonsense. Now.

I am glad we’re finally getting a break from this crazy weather. It really wreaked some havoc upon our state. Just look at this weather map from Tuesday’s Des Moines Register. Iowa cities are at war with each other …

Dubuque is no more. It’s been replaced by Des Moines. Ames has invaded Council Bluffs, sending Gronstal and company fleeing to the Missouri border … The Creston militia overthrew Mason City … Southeast Iowa has been completely abandoned. Not that there was much there anyway … And Lamoni and Shenandoah staked their claim in Black Hawk County … Can Michele Bachmann still claim to be an Iowan if Waterloo has met its Waterloo?

Finally, HBO’sHard Knocks” is back for another look inside NFL training camps. This year, it’s my beloved Miami Dolphins … OK, they haven’t been “beloved” since Dan Marino retired. Still, they’re my team, no matter how bad they are … Regardless of the team, “Hard Knocks” is a fascinating show.

Making things even more fun, Chad Ochocinco signed with the Dolphins. He’s back to using his real name, Chad Johnson, but he’s still an idiot. A funny idiot, but an idiot nonetheless … And just as I was about to publish this, I find out he got arrested a few hours ago for headbutting his wife. Great. Forget the funny part. He’s just an idiot. I hope they cut him. Immediately.

That’s all for this week. It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

Photos by Dave Davidson,

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