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August 26th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Republican National Convention Edition

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. They say there’s just enough religion in the world to make men hate each other, but not enough to make them love.

Tropical Storm Isaac forced the cancellation of the first day of the Republican National Convention, so the festivities begin Tuesday instead of Monday.  … A storm of another kind has already wreaked havoc inside the RNC. The Rules Committee adopted some changes with major ramifications for Iowa and the Republican Party. Some are good. Others, not so much …

First, it appears national delegate selection in all states will be representative of the actual vote … Yes, really … This is terrible!! … It means people’s votes on caucus night will actually matter. This travesty cannot be allowed. It would signal the end of society as we know it.

If this rule was in place this year, instead of Ron Paul collecting 23 of Iowa’s 28 delegates, he would have actually 7 or so … And yes, the rule change is a direct result of the Paulistinians’ heavy handed attempt to subvert the will of the people by taking over delegate slates on behalf of a candidate who didn’t win one freaking state … The fact is, Ron Paul supporters represent no more than 1/5 of Iowa Republicans. The number of national delegates representing our state should reflect that.

ginsburg rule

Of course, the Paulistinians are throwing a hissy fit over this … I would remind them of their common refrain whenever someone pointed out their hugely disproportionate number of delegates: “Hey, we played by the rules.” … Well, the RNC is playing by the rules too. The Rules Committee has the ability to adapt the rules and that’s what they did on Friday

The reaction from RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker was exactly what you would expect: “I’m shocked the Romney campaign would seek to divide Republicans just before the convention.” … Right. Because Spiker’s former employers, the Ron Paul campaign, certainly had no intention of dividing Republicans at the convention … Their open boasts of taking over the party and changing it to fit their libertarian ideology weren’t meant to divide the party, either … More on Spiker & RPI in a bit …

The Paulistinians are not the only ones who won’t like this new rule. A holier-than-thou revolting group called “Jews and Christians Together” tried to organize a “Dump Romney” campaign by attacking his Mormon religion … This is a rare occasion where I agree with the Ron Paul campaign. Spokesman Jesse Benton called their memo “disgusting and highly inappropriate”.

When the Paul people ask why I’m so hard on them, I point to articles like this. Dusty Juhl, who is representing Iowa as a delegate to the Republican National Convention gives interviews saying he doesn’t even know if he will vote Republican in the fall …

If that’s the case, Juhl should not have become a Republican delegate. He should have allowed someone who actually supports the party and its ideals to take that slot … Although there are some similarities, Libertarian ideals are not the same as conservative or Republican idealsJuhl, the non-Republican Republican, and interim state director of Campaign for Liberty, also serves as the publicity chair for the Story County GOP, for some reason that is clear as mud.

The issue is not the Paul people having their fair share of delegates. The issue is the hostile takeover of delegate slates from supporters of a candidate who did not win a single state … I am wholeheartedly supportive of delegates being representative of the Iowa Caucus vote. Paul got 21% of the vote. He should get 21% of the delegates … TIR’s Craig Robinson suggested binding the delegates back in April, yet the committee organized by RPI to save our First-in-the-Nation status did not even consider that among their proposed reforms.

Remember that ridiculous lawsuit the Paulistinians filed? You know the one with the people who worship the states’ rights hero hypocritically demanding that a federal judge rule subvert state party rules and state laws? … It was supposedly filed on behalf of delegates who wanted to be unbound. Except the dozens people who signed their name to the suit were not actually delegates … That includes the lone Iowan in the suit, who was not even a district or state delegate, much less a national one …

Well, the judge dismissed it, using terms like “vague”, “impossible to discern”, and “lacks plausibility” … In other words, he found the lawsuit just as ridiculous as I did … The Paulistinian lawyers amended the complaint, for the third time, and re-filed, but its pretty obvious the case is going nowhere … Our comments section friend Angie Davidson, a non-Paulistinian Paul supporter, has done a good job following the case on her website.

As for how Ron Paul will be treated at the convention, there is a video tribute scheduled to honor him … I would have no problem with Paul being allowed a speaking slot at the convention, but certainly understand the RNC’s trepidation in granting him one … There’s no telling how the Paulistinians would react or what Dr. Paul might say.

Now, for the rule change I do not approve of. Reportedly, the Rules Committee voted in favor allowing rules to be changed by the RNC without the full convention’s voting on it. This is wrong and should be overturned. Immediately.

As far as I’m concerned, President Obama has never looked better than he did last week. I hope he brings these teleprompters on all his trips to Iowa. … For the Dems who are whining about Mitt Romney’s birther joke, I’ve got three words ya: Lighten up, Francis.

Apparently, the leaders of the Republican Party of Iowa have done such a great job helping candidates here, they have no more work to do here, so they’re concerning themselves with the goings on of other state parties … And by great job, I mean raising a whopping total of $2,235 last month … That’s right. They followed up the pathetically low $4,710.24 they raised in June with less than half that in July

I guess I can’t really blame them for their desperate attempts to find new ways to raise money. This latest effort is clearly aimed at the Paulistinians. The problem is, between funding Ron Paul’s campaign, paying for delegates to go to Tampa, and the rising price of dope, the Paulistinians are tapped out. So I don’t see this fundraiser going all that well … Then again, it couldn’t be any worse than what they’ve done the past two months … Could it?

On the bright side, visitors to RPI headquarters will be very impressed with the classy new lettering on the front door:

For those libs still claiming Joe Biden’s “put y’all in chains comment” was not race-baiting, longtime Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-Harlem) disagrees. “Was he talking about slavery? You bet your ass he was. Was he using the vernacular? Yes, he was. Did he think it was cute? Yes, he did. Was it something stupid to say? You bet your life it was stupid.” … Yep.

I encourage everyone to share these two videos with everyone they know, especially independents and Democrats … If people won’t give more thought to their views on abortion after hearing the story of abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, there’s something wrong …

The libs are going nuts again with their ridiculous “war on women” rhetoric. What they don’t realize is public sentiment is moving toward the pro-life position, not away from it. That includes women …

I believe Ann Romney’s speech at the RNC convention will be one of the highlights of the week. I’ve it said before, but it bears repeating: Ann Romney is the campaign’s greatest asset. They should utilize her whenever possible. Fascinating woman, great story, classy lady.

After ignoring calls from almost every Republican in the country to exit the race, Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin says he’s staying in through November. He’s now got Mike Huckabee rallying to his side … Unfortunately, Akin might drag the entire Republican ticket down with him …

Every Democrat candidate in the nation, including all four congressional candidates here in Iowa, were frantically pushing this story to the media … Make no mistake. The fervor of Akin’s comments had nothing to do with his pro-life position. They were entirely about his ignorant and insulting comments regarding rape …

Trying to tie Akin’s comments to Steve King or anyone else is ridiculous. But when you’re Christie Vilsack, what else are you going to do? I mean, it is nice to see The Abortion Queen finally took sides on an issue publicly. Unless she can spin something to attack Congressman King with it, Vilsack desperately tries to hide her liberal leanings on every issue of importance.

Will Christie Vilsack campaign with Barack Obama on Tuesday? The president visits the state once again, this time in Ames. That’s Vilsack’s new “hometown” … Remember, Vilsack promised Iowa Dems that she was “running to help re-elect this president” … So, what say you Christie? Will you campaign with Barack and finally reveal your liberal leanings? Or will you conveniently be “too busy” to attend Tuesday’s rally?

Finally, we bid a fond farewell to American hero Neil Armstrong. A Korean War fighter pilot and the first man to walk on the moon, Armstrong was unbelievably brave and our nation owes him a true debt of gratitude. RIP, Mr. Armstrong.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for dropping by.

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