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October 28th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Register Rejection, Dvorsky’s Conniption and the 4.2%

Obama dejected

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. I love the smell of demoralized Democrats in the morning.

Holy backfire, Batman. The Des Moines Register turned away from the dark side for the first time in 40 years and threw their support behind a Republican presidential candidate. Not only does this provide a boost to Mitt Romney in a key swing state, it’s a devastating rebuke of President Obama’s policies …

Usually I would put little no stock in a Register endorsement, but this one is significant. Make no mistake, the Register’s editorial board is still dominated by uber-liberals, but they see that Barack Obama is an absolute failure as a president and the country desperately needs someone who can turn the economy around …

This is the second time in four days the Register has made Obama look bad …

Key diss line for the Dems: “The president’s best efforts to resuscitate the stumbling economy have fallen short. Nothing indicates it would change with a second term in the White House.” … Ouch. That’s quite a change from a paper that was part of the slobbering love affair with Hope & Change four years ago …

Remember, in that 40 year span, the Register libs endorsed horrendous candidates like Jimmy Carter (twice), Walter Mondale (lost 49 of 50 states) and this dork:

I’d love to have seen the meltdown at Obama HQ in Chicago when news of the endorsement broke … Hopefully there were no baseball bats handy … I hear Boss Dvorsky had a conniption at IDP HQ as well:

The Register endorsement capped off a bad week for Barack … Even Obama-loving libs like David Letterman called out him for lying during the final debate

And the news about the Benghazi attack keeps getting worse for the Obama administration. It now appears they denied requests for help from the Americans under attack. I asked former GOP presidential candidate and current Texas Governor Rick Perry, a former Air Force pilot, about the situation:

Governor Perry gave a good speech at Saturday night’s IFFC dinner … I’ll bring you my full interview with Perry later today here on TIR, along with my thoughts on the IFFC event, which was a huge success … Hopefully, RPI leadership was taking notes and learned something from the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Mitt Romney had some great surrogates in Iowa for him last week: Perry, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio and Bob McDonnell … On Monday, Romney returns to Davenport, with Iowa wrestling legend Dan Gable joining him for a campaign event …

A few days ago, I wrote that the Republican Party of Iowa’s Reagan Dinner was “a good event” overall … It appears I was in the minority in that opinion … Since then, I’ve had two elected officials tell me they are through with RPI events until there are significant changes in leadership …

Several attendees were angered by Jack Hunter’s speech. Ron Paul’s official campaign blogger was never identified at the event as being connected to Ron Paul  … Hunter made criticizing Republicans, particularly Iowa Caucus winner Rick Santorum, a key part of his speech. In Iowa. At a Republican Party dinner in front of several Santorum supporters. 13 days before Election DayBrilliant … The sad part is, Hunter could have easily made the same points without the attacks …

The event was also about 45 minutes too long, they forgot about Senate Republican Leader Jerry Behn and RPI’s executive director Steve Bierfeldt was pestering Bob McDonnell for an autograph while donors were trying talk to Virginia governor … Rule Number One for staff at political events: Donors and supporters always come first …

But hey, as long as the “liberty” folks were happy, that’s all that matters, right? … Gentlemen, it’s time for a wakeup call … As long as the leadership of RPI makes every decision by first thinking about appeasing the Paulistinians, RPI will fail … There are 620,000 Republicans in Iowa. There are 26,000 Ron Paul supporters … That means 4.2% of Iowa Republicans support Ron Paul … It is way past time to start thinking about the other 95.8%

I occasionally skim the liberal blogs for some amusement. They should be especially fun today … Some are actually encouraging people to go watch the video of Steve King’s utter domination of Christie Vilsack in Thursday’s debate in Carroll … By all means, libs, watch away … Aren’t you embarrassed by this fraud of a candidate who desperately tries to hide her liberal leanings by avoiding the simplest of questions?

I’ve poked a little fun here on the Korner at the Hawkeye zealots who were demanding the firing Kirk Ferentz after some early season struggles, but after Saturday’s debacle, I’m starting to think they might have a point … How in the blue hell does your team get called for delay of game penalty when you’re supposedly in the hurry-up offense with less than 2 minutes left in the game? Seriously?!!

I don’t remember ever seeing that happen in any football game on any level … And with a senior QB? … I think firing James Vandenburg would be a better idea… I also think the Vanderburg misses former offensive coordinator Ken O’Keefe. Though he’s probably the only one.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Don’t think. It can only hurt the ballclub.

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