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August 19th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: GOP Senate Wins, Dems Abandon Boz, and Barack Buys Votes

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. If you’re poor and you do something stupid, you’re nuts. If you’re rich and do something stupid, you’re eccentric.

The candidate filing deadline passed on Friday and while the Republican Party of Iowa filled slots in House races just for the sake of filling slots, the Iowa Dems made no effort to field candidates in four senate districts. That means Brad Zaun, Joni Ernst and Randy Feenstra will be reelected and Jake Chapman will join them in the Republican caucus next year … Congrats to all … Four down, 22 to go …

The decision not to run anyone against Ernst (SD 12) and Chapman (SD 10) is very interesting. Those districts encompass counties. Leonard Boswell needs every single Democrat voter in those counties to turn out in order to have any chance of competing against Tom Latham in their congressional race. The donkeys putting forth zero effort down ballot certainly won’t help Boswell … Once again, Iowa Democrats abandon Ol’ Leonard. Then again, can you blame them?

The next time Congress Creatures Boswell, Braley, or Loebsack spread their manure about how they’re looking out for seniors, remember they all voted to raid Medicare of $716,000,000,000 to pay for Obamacare … All these zeroes = billion, for those of you in Lee County

Despite the sitting Dem congressmen’s efforts, I’m not sure there’s anyone in Iowa who is more full of crap than Christie Vilsack … She brags about starting a non-profit, which happens to be an umbrella organization for abortion providers in Iowa, but claims abortion isn’t an issue to Iowa voters …

She lies about the Fair Tax, because it’s another way to attack Steve King … She basically takes both sides, or no side, of every issue because she know she can’t win running as her true liberal self … Our good friend at Iowas Newz Liter has a nice take on that insulting little column Vilsack wrote a few years back about making English our official language … She was for it before she was against it … Now she’s not for it or against it … It’s a good read, as is most of INL’s stuff …

It’s unanimous. Left, right, media, politicoeveryone in Iowa despises CCI for their idiotic protests and ridiculous methods. They accomplish absolutely zero for whatever cause they claim to support … Their behavior during Paul Ryan’s speech at the state fair was one of the most obnoxious, immature, and ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed …

My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me CCI members recently asked an Iowa congressman why no one listens to them. Their douchebaggery on Monday is the reason why.

Barack Obama is finding a much different Iowa climate than the swooning, fawning, vomit-inducing lovefest he received here four years ago … The caterer for Obama’s event in Davenport made it clear that, despite the president’s claims, he, not the government, built that business … At least one member of a farm family Obama visited with let it be known that he’ll be supporting Mitt Romney … And the Bud Tent owner at the Iowa State Fair says Barack cost him around $25,000

I’d like to know if that was taxpayer money Obama was using to buy beers votes at the fair. And is the FEC paying attention?

While Barack is buying votes, his party is showing other signs of desperation … Last week, VP Joe Biden and MSDNC dealt the race card from the bottom of the deck … Biden told a mostly black audience in Virginia that Mitt Romney will “put ya’ll back in chains” …

Some members of the audience booed and the comments drew scorn from the nation’s first black governor, liberal black commentator Colby King, and Artur Davis, the black former congressman who seconded Obama’s nomination four years ago … When Al Sharpton says your race-baiting is “over the top”, you know you’ve gone too far … Of course, the nation’s first black president defended Biden …

Meanwhile, over at MSDNC, while Joe Biden is making slavery references, one of their liberal commentators hypocrites accuses Republicans of race-baiting, and uses the n-word to really drive the point home … This is your modern day Democratic party … They know they can’t win in the arena of ideas, so they stoop to the lowest possible level.

Despite the Dems’ efforts, a recent poll from the Washington Post says 74% of Americans support a Voter ID law … What? That can’t be!!! … You mean American citizens want to make sure people who vote are actually (gasp) legal voters? That doesn’t sense! … Kudos to Secretary of State Matt Schultz for his vigilance on this issue.

The Republican Party of Iowa’s website received a much needed and long overdue upgrade last week. Thank goodness. was perhaps least user-friendly website in all of politics. No longer.

Meanwhile, the Iowa Democratic Party is using its website to promote an event featuring an anti-religion bigot who openly calls conservative women the most vulgar names possible, then passes it off as “comedy”… Remember that the next time Sue “Double Standard” Dvorsky accuses Republicans of a war on women…

I have a new favorite athlete. Ronda Rousey is simply awesome. Six fights, six first-round submissions. I think the Romney campaign should hire her to handle security at its events.

Finally, on a sad note, Iowa Republicans lost another family member this weekend when former Hardin County GOP chair Gary Warman passed away (That’s him on the right in the pic above). Gary was a Navy veteran who was active in the VFW and American Legion. He was also a strong and reliable ally of Republican candidates. Our condolences to Gary’s family and friends. RIP Gary.

Photos by Dave Davidson, Brad Boustead

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