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February 5th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Strawn’s Replacement, Ronulan Recall, and Grumpy Ol’ Newt

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Stranger than you dreamt it, can you even bear to look, or dare to think of me?

I really like Matt Strawn. I think up until about 1:30 am on January 4, he did a great job as Iowa GOP chairman. I hope we don’t regret his resignation. We could do a lot worse … After seeing how horrible a job the Nevada GOP did reporting their results, I’m thinking maybe we should ask Matt to reconsider…

From the names that have been floated for Strawn’s replacement, some could be good. Others, not so much … Right now the best-case scenario might be for interim chair Bill Schickel to take the gig full-time, if he wants it … And it’s important we find someone who wants it, but doesn’t want it too badly …

There are a lot of worst-case scenarios … I fully expect the Ronulans, who are trying to take over the State Central Committee, to push one of their own. If it has to be a Ronulan, I would prefer AJ Spiker … However, I would prefer a chairman who isn’t so blatantly in the bag for any candidate … In fact, I would prefer that all of the SCC remain neutral in primaries and caucuses. Their job is to help the Republican Party of Iowa. Period.

The more I learn about Iowa’s process for selecting delegates to the Republican national convention, the more unseemly it becomes … SCC member David Chung has a must-read piece written last year that breaks down the less-than-open process … There are also accusations flying around the ‘net this week from Tea Party activist Judd Saul against Iowa’s National Committeeman Steve Scheffler in regards to national delegates. Judd tells me others have evidence to back up these claims. When/if they produce it, TIR will present both sides of the story.

Kudos to WHO’s Simon Conway for picking up on the story about the apparent teaching of the advantages of communism over capitalism at Des Moines Roosevelt High School. The school’s principal provided a very weak defense. She must have learned that from the Roughriders football team … Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal

The Blaze did further digging, and connected some dots to a possible Roosevelt High teacher named Patrick Brennan, who supports the Socialist Party, praises the Occupy idiots, and called Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker a “fascist bastard”, along with more vulgar names on his Facebook page … However, there is no Patrick Brennan listed on the Roosevelt staff contact page … Stay tuned.

I think Newt Gingrich has a bad case of sore loseritis. I’m a longtime admirer of the former Speaker and loved covering his events in Iowa. Now, he’s just a grumpy old manNewt has gone more negative than anyone. Yes, Romney went first, but Gingrich has ventured way beyond the pale… First, the self-proclaimed “Reagan conservative” took up the Occupy idiot arguments against capitalism. Now, almost every word out of his mouth is an attack on Romney … The worst was the disgusting robo-call from Newt’s campaign trying to paint Romney as anti-Semitic, even referencing the Holocaust. Disgraceful … Newt’s tactics are becoming more like the Democrats everyday … This is from the guy who pledged repeatedly “to run a positive and solutions orientated campaign.” … His journey to the dark side is almost complete …

Newt also looked like a complete idiot when his campaign claimed Donald Trump was going to endorse him, but The Donald picked Romney the next day… This was worse, but not as enjoyable, than four years ago when Romney’s entire Iowa staff thought they locked up Steve King’s endorsement. MSDNC reported it. Then Congressman King backed Fred Thompson … Good times.

The Susan B. Komen organization provided a text book example of how not to handle a public relations problem. They shouldn’t be giving money to abortion mills anyway. That’s the primary point … Secondly, they could have cut off the Planned Parenthood funding in a much quieter manner. Instead, they got the entire abortion lobby and their enablers in the mainstream media attacking them. Then, they caved and turned the people who support life, and science, against them … Utter failure all the way around … I’ve given them money in the past. Never again.

Nice welcome back for Dr. Tom Davis at Carver-Hawkeye on Saturday. The Hawks are still paying the price for dumping the best basketball coach they ever had … I got to know Dr. Tom when producing his coaches’ show for Drake a few years ago. Everything you hear about him is true. Wonderful guy… One interesting aspect. Dr. Tom refused to do retakes. If the host stumbled or something went wrong, he didn’t care. He wanted to keep shooting and get the show over with. It wasn’t the most interesting TV show ever, but then again, most coaches’ shows are horrible.

Interestingly, the sports highlight of the day wasn’t the anniversary celebration at Iowa. It was the two buzzer beaters in the UNI-Creighton game. Nice win, Panthers. … Since Creighton is practically an Iowa team anyway, I think they should just move across the river to Council Bluffs and be done with all this Nebraska nonsense.

Finally, my Super Bowl prediction: 12 chicken wings, five slices of pizza and a couple adult beverages. That should tide me over for a little while … Oh, and the Giants win by six.

Until next time, wishing you love, peace and soul.

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