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February 12th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: RPI Spiked, Severely Moderate, and George’s Forges

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Just enjoying another cold cup of coffee. What is this I’m feeling? Is it pain? Panic? Hunger? Am I hungry? Who’s hungry?

So the Paulbots Ronulans finally won something. Their candidate obviously can’t win a statewide election anywhere, even Maine, but they’re pretty good at taking over the Iowa GOP State Central CommitteeA.J. Spiker is the new chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. Should we be concerned? Ummm, yes. There are lots of questions A.J. needs to answer …

Like, will he continue to collect a salary from Ron Paul’s campaign, along with the $35,000 the RPI will give him? According to FEC filings, Spiker pocketed $19,420 in the October quarter and $15,503 in the year-end report last year from Dr. Paul’s campaign … For those of you in Lee County, that adds up to almost $35,000 in six months. Righteous bucks

The Ronulans are still organizing in Iowa, trying to push their supporters to become state and national delegates. Will Spiker be a part of that push? The obvious answer should be ‘NO’ … That doesn’t mean that’s what the answer will be.

More questions … Will Spiker help all Republicans? That is now his official job. He needs to be impartial and do what is in the best interest of the Republican Party of Iowa, not the best interest of Campaign for Liberty … Will A.J. take sides in primaries? That is a major problem with several current SCC members. It’s a practice that needs to end expeditiously.

Speaking of best interest of the party, who were the nine SCC members that voted for Spiker over the more qualified and impartial Bill Schickel? Obviously, five of Spiker’s votes came from himself and the other four Ronulans Emily Lofgren nominated Dave Funk. He believes she was the lone vote for him on the first ballot, which was 8-8-1. If that is the case, it would seem natural that she flipped to Spiker on the second ballot, which went 9-8 … Other SCC members believe Wes Enos voted for Funk, then flipped to Spiker … It’s a secret ballot, so we’ll never know for sure.

The other three Spiker backers? They cut deals with the Ronulans and put their own reelection hopes at convention above the best interests of the party … I’ll let you figure out who they are … Convention delegates should definitely ask their SCC members which way they voted in this election.

BTW, Wes Enos once again proved his gullibility. Leaping to the new chairman’s defense, he posted this on Facebook shortly after Spiker’s election … “While the Chair is a guarenteed  (sic) delegate, it is my understanding that the Chairman will (per tradition) support the Iowa Caucus winner in the event of a brokered convention.” … Wes, if you believe A.J. wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul at a brokered convention, you’d probably believe there was no cash involved in Kent Sorenson’s sellout to the Paul campaign … Oh.

Look, I like A.J. Spiker. He seems like a good guy … So does my mailman. That doesn’t mean I want him running the Republican Party of Iowa … There is major fundraising to be done, a state senate to take control of, two of the most important congressional races in the nation to win, and oh yeah, a Barack Obama to boot out of officeA.J. Spiker is now the face of the Iowa GOP. I hope and pray he is up to the task.

Speaking of questionable GOP chairs, the more I learn about the situation in Lee County and their four uncertified precincts, the more questions I have … Primarily, why was someone a caucus secretary when she supposedly refused to sign the paperwork? That doesn’t pass the smell test … I do know that Don Lucas was not honest with me last month when he claimed he was neutral in the caucus. Lucas is a Romney supporter, as was reported by Radio Iowa. I’ve got him on tape saying he was the Romney county chair four years ago … Some central committee members in Lee County grasp the severity of the screw-ups there. I don’t think Don Lucas is one of them.

Moving on to other matters … Mittens bounced back from his Tuesday trouncing to win the lightly attended Maine caucuses and the CPAC straw poll. Still, Romney’s campaign is “severely” struggling. I have my doubts on whether or not Rick Santorum can maintain his current momentum, but it’s obvious conservatives still don’t trust Mitt, and claiming his moderate record is “severely conservative” ain’t gonna help.

Only 5,500 people voted in the Maine caucuses. The Ames Straw Poll had three times more participants … The turnout for many of these GOP primaries and caucuses was significantly smaller than four years ago, a terrible year for Republicans: down 14% in Florida, 26% in Nevada, 6% in Colorado, 23% in Minnesota and 58% in Missouri … What does that mean? Nothing good. The GOP field doesn’t excite voters. Which means we might be headed for four more dreadful years of Obama.

More important than stopping Obama, can someone please stop George Lucas before this madman rewrites more of my childhood!!! This is urgent. Lucas has gone nuts. He now claims Greedo shot first in the original film. Did this idiot even watch his own movie? Greedo didn’t shoot, period! Han Solo fried his Rodian a$$ before he had a chance to shoot … And if Greedo did shoot first, he’s the worst bounty hunter since Marvin Dorfler … He was three freaking feet away. Han didn’t budge. Even a Hawkeye forward can make a shot from three feet away.

Thanks for dropping by. Time to ramble on

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