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February 19th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Rombo’s Revenge, Frecklepsy, and Newt Can’t Spell

Good morrow and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. I will praise any man that will praise me … The rest of you? You’ll get nothing and like it.

The Des Moines Register is out with a new poll that shows Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum beating President Obama in head-to-head matchups in Iowa. This is a pleasant surprise to me, but frankly, I think Obama will win Iowa in November … The poll is more bad news for Newt Gingrich. Obama destroys him, 51-37.

Newt has a lot to be upset about these days. He’s mad that the other three candidates decided to skip the Georgia debate. I don’t blame him, but this was a smart move on their part. Newt would have the homefield advantage, and we all know he shines in debates when there’s a friendly crowd … Maybe Newt will debate himself. Then he could really prove that he’s a master debater.

Newt is also angry about the latest Romney Super PAC attack, which claims he co-sponsored a bill supporting China’s one-child policy. The ad is blatantly false. Romney’s smears are getting really pathetic. He needs to start giving people a reason to vote for him, instead of against the others …

Speaking of Newt & Georgia, for all the credit we give the former House Speaker for his seemingly brilliant mind, you would think a native Georgian would know how to spell the name of a prominent Georgia city. At a recent book signing, he spelled Savannah, “Sabanah” … Seriously.

The funniest political ad I’ve seen this year, is Rick Santorum’sRombo”, which mocks Mitt Romney’s penchant for attacking his GOP rivals … They should do a sequel, Rombo II, and bring in Richard Crenna to play Colonel Trautman. Rombo could ask him, “Do we get to win this time?” … “Well, not if we leave it up to you,” Trautman responds. “Rombo, you’ve been trained to ignore polls, ignore your past positions, to live off only $20 million a year, to eat things, like escargot, that would make most men puke…”

Rick Santorum really needs to get away from all this contraception talk. Liberals, the media (same thing), and GOP moderates that don’t care about social issues, are bringing out the long knives for Santorum … They will successfully paint him as an extremist and savage him in a general election if he gets that far. They’ve only just begun

More and more, it’s looking like this race will go to convention. The campaigns need to prepare for a delegate battle. Ron Paul’s is … BTW, big thanks to the Nevada and Maine GOP’s for completely bungling their caucuses. They made Iowa’s raucous caucus look like a well-oiled machine … Except in Lee County.

The Paul campaign has a right to complain about the nonsense in the Maine caucuses, but should drop the outlandish statements and stick to facts. They’re claiming Ron Paul was “incredibly strong” in Washington County and he would have won Maine if that county held their caucus last week … There are a few big problems with this claim. Romney led Paul by 194 votes at the time that statement was made. Only 113 people caucused in Washington County four years ago. Only eight of them voted for Ron Paul.

Herman Cain is still stuck on stupid. During a speech on Saturday, Herb said, “50 percent of the American people do fall in the category of either stupid or ignorant as to what’s going on in this country.” Seconds later, he added, “Those of us who are informed outnumber the stupid people.” … So, to Herman 50 percent is somehow a minority … Just like 999, the numbers don’t add up …

Why do Iowa Democrat legislators oppose Voter ID, when their supporters are overwhelmingly for it? Is Mike Gronstal saying he is smarter than the people who elected him and pay his salary?

Stop the presses. For the first, and probably last time, I agree with Tom Harkin.  Commie Tommie slammed President Obama and VP Biden on the payroll tax cut extension, calling it “a devil’s deal”. And Commie Tommie knows all about selling his soul … This new deal does nothing to create jobs, nothing to help the economy, and adds a deeper burden to Social Security. Harkin is right, for once. But then, even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn.

There’s been much ado about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to order flags at half-staff to honor Whitney Houston … Some people are “appalled” and “disgusted” by it … I say, for this one moment in time, New Jersey should honor one of its own in whatever way they seem fit … Would these same people complain if a Hawkeye State icon like Dan Gable passed and was honored the same way?

Some believe the honor of lowered flags should be reserved for military members and statesmen. That’s an argument that makes sense … Others say due to Houston’s history of drug abuse, she doesn’t deserve the honor … I used the comparison to Waterloo Winterset native John Wayne. He was an American icon, and a lot of states lowered their flags to honor him … Wayne was also a heavy drinker and his smoking habit led to lung cancer.

Three good, young Iowa Republicans announced their candidacies for the state legislature last week. Former state College Republican Chairman Dane Nealson is running against uber-liberal and Planned ParenthoodchampionBeth Wessel-Kroschell in House District 45 … Current Iowa State University CR Chairman Stephen Quist faces Lisa Heddens in HD 46. They are both good guys who face uphill battles and can use our help …

Another rising GOP star is Matt Reisetter. He came up just short in a 2006 house race. Matt will try to take Senate District 30. This is a winnable seat, but will require Republicans putting in some extra work to get it done. If we want to take back the majority, this is a seat we need to pick up. It’s time for us to come together and work on taking back the legislature.

Finally, I’d like to thank Bob Vander Plaats for his offer to stand up for me and my fellow red heads … Yes, we’ve all had to deal with being called Opie, Richie Cunningham, Ginger, etc. My grandpa’s nickname for me was Carrot Top, long before the dork comic ruined that name …  My brother used to say I had frecklepsy …  We red heads are the true minority in America. We make up only 2% of the population. The sun discriminates against us, which is why red head daywalkers are rare … And everywhere we go, people we’ve never met before think they know us, because all red heads apparently look alike. BTW, despite popular rumor, gingers do have souls.

Until next time, don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

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