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June 3rd, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Primary Punches, Rhetorical Questions, and Thingamajigs

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Just when they think they’ve got the answers, I change the questions.

Does IDP Chair Sue Dvorsky still think Obama can win Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District in November? Has Sue seen these numbers? Iowa Republicans increased their voter registration edge over Democrats again, from 8,871 to 12,513 in the past month … There are now 11,206 (+1,280) more Republicans than Democrats in CD 3, and 48,245 (+1,754) more Republicans than Democrats in CD 4 Sorry, Sue. Good news for Congressmen Latham and King, bad news for you.

Did the Republican Party of Iowa endorse some House incumbents for Tuesday’s primary? Yes and No … Those mailers that came from RPI were paid for via the House Majority Fund, which traditionally supports incumbents. For reporting purposes, the HMF falls under the RPI umbrella …

Wouldn’t the funding for this be of better use in November than in June? Yep.

Do you still think RPI officials should remain neutral in primaries and caucuses? Absolutely … It’s funny how some of those hypocrites that always talk about the importance of the platform ignore this longstanding plank

Doesn’t the Paulistiniancontrolled State Central Committee oppose some of these endorsements? Probably … But the new SCC has not been seated yet, so they don’t have majority control. Yet.

What exactly are the Paulistinians’ plans for the SCC? To control the money … And convert it to gold … Let’s revisit the statements of current SCC member/Paulistinian Jeremiah Johnson in their caucus to convention video: “If we have a majority on the State Central Committee, we can take control of the funding. Right now it’s left up to the legislative majority, so it’s left up to those legislators who are in charge. They decide where the funding goes that gets sent to the state party. But if we have a majority on the central committee, we can take control of that again.”

Don’t you have to raise money before you can actually control it? Therein lies the problem.

What about other elected officials? Should they stay neutral in primaries? That’s up to them.

Did House Speaker Kraig Paulsen and Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer endorse Pat Grassley in his primary showdown with fellow Republican Rep. Annette Sweeney? Not exactly. There’s a new mailer out where Upmeyer, Paulsen and other House members heap praise on Grassley. But that’s not an endorsement. That’s saying nice things about a colleague …

Did the radio ad you referenced in last week’s Korner really make false claims about Pat Grassley? I still haven’t heard it or seen the transcript, but I’ve heard about it … If it said Grassley hasn’t sponsored any legislation then, yeah, that’s false. From what I can tell, he’s sponsored three bills. One got passed … The ad apparently also said Grassley voted for taxpayer funding for the “Field of Dreams” park. That is true.

Did Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds make an unwise political decision by getting involved in the heated Mullen-Ward primary? I think so … Reynolds is supporting Pat Ward. If she really wants to eventually be Branstad’s successor, Reynolds needs to be to the right of him, not a middle-of-the-road clone. She’s backing the more moderate candidate and that could come back to hurt her later on…

Has Team Branstad forgotten the 2010 convention? They need to start thinking ahead to 2014 … If Branstad runs again, Reynolds will need to be reconfirmed as his Lt. Governor at the state convention. Just like BVP’s attempted coup two years ago, someone will try to unseat her … I also anticipate a Paulistinian primary challenger.

Will the Register’s new online pay-to-view format include porn every month, or is that just to launch the program? BTW, ick … Does Jason Clayworth get paid extra to be the Democrat Party’s stenographer? Why would anyone pay to read that?

Are we headed for another recession? Unemployment went back up, to 8.2%. And the number of long-term unemployed rose from 5.1 million to 5.4 million … Don’t worry, though. Obama’s got the cure. Go buy more thingamajigs … Maybe he should pass the bong with his ol’ Choom gang and see if they’ve got any ideas … They couldn’t be any worse than what Obama’s already given us.

Is the Romney campaign getting its act together? They are miles better than the general election campaign McCain ran four years ago, which was a textbook example of how to do everything wrong … Sending hecklers to David Axelrod’s presser in Massachusetts was well played. They gave the libs a taste of their own medicine for once.

Are Iowans Tax Enough Already? Yep … In May, the state collected $794.5 million in tax revenue. An all-time record. Stop the madness.

Is it possible that an Iowa House hopeful is a bigger flip-flopper than John Kerry? Apparently … Jake Highfill is claiming to be a “true conservative”, “traditional values” candidate who is opposed to same-sex marriage. But he gave an interview in January where he called himself a “true libertarian” who is in favor of gay marriage and doesn’t care about social issues…

Didn’t Highfill claim that article is inaccurate? Yep … He’s not happy with the one I wrote either. Probably because I used those pesky little things called…facts. After it was published, Highfill sent me this email: I strongly disagree with how you characterized me and the race in your article.  Please advise that I will be unavailable for all future media request from The Iowa Republican.”

My reply: “What did I say that was not accurate?”

His reply:

Did you contact the media outlet that originally interviewed Highfill? Great question … Yes, I did. Here’s their response: “We were able to review both our reporter’s specific notes from the conversation and her written transcript. Based on our review and the conversations with our reporter, we are fully confident in the accuracy of Mr. Highfill’s quotes, and in the overall story. We stand by everything that is published. Thank you, Robert Casty Managing Editor, NextGen Journal”

Why do Leonard Boswell, Bruce Braley and Dave Loebsack support sex-selective abortions? I’m guessing that it’s because they are beholden to the Planned Parenthood lobby and they have no morals.

Why did Ron Paul, who claims to be pro-life, vote against banning sex-selective abortions? … Oh, that’s right. Abortion is a state issue. That part in the Declaration of Independence about “life” and “unalienable rights” apparently doesn’t mean anything. Federalism trumps life in Paulistinian world.

Will Christie Vilsack come out against sex-selective abortions, and alienate her donors? Or will she come out for them, and reveal her true self?

How can Vilsack say she stands up for “Iowa values” when she’s an abortion advocate? And when will she start standing up for Iowa jobs that are being lost because of ObamaCare?

How long until John Edwards jumps back into the political arena? Sooner or later, he’ll be back … The guy is a narcissistic egomaniac. Is that redundant?

How cool was the “Hatfields & McCoys” mini-series on the History Channel? Very  … It even got Senator Grassley to stop bashing the channel on Twitter … Adair County GOP Chair Ryan Frederick perfectly summed up the Hatfield-McCoy feud, with the Facebook Post of the Week: “The moral of the story is: When in a disagreement over a pig, just butcher it, have one family bring lettuce and toast, have the other bring tomatoes and butter, and make BLTs.”… Perfect.

Well, I’ve done enough damage for this week. Don’t forget to catch the “Game of Thrones” season finale tonight on HBO. I swear to you, sitting a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one.

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