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March 18th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Paul is Finished, Senging Along, and Doing Iowa Proud

Greetings and welcome to the special 50th edition of the award-winning Kevin’s Korner ... Happy Day After St. Patrick’s Day. I will impart onto you some Irish wisdom this day … I believe in the sun when it’s not shining, I believe in love even when I feel it not, I believe in God even when he is silent.

Newsflash for the Paulbots: It is over. The Ron Paul campaign failed. Money is running out and your delegate strategy bombed big time … Even if you won every single delegate from the non-binding caucus states like Iowa (which I guarantee you won’t come close to doing), you still lose big …

If we give you all 345 of those non-binding delegates (which we won’t), add them to your current whopping total of less than 30, factor in a few more you might pick up with your repeated poor finishes in the remaining contests, and Ron Paul will acquire, at most, 450 delegates … And that’s a very healthy overestimation … Reality is, Paul will be lucky to get 300 … And Ron Paul is no Leonidas.

So, all the crap you pulled at county conventions, for all your efforts to stack State Central Committees, all the nonsensical ramblings about the revolution taking over the RNC convention, they all mean nothing … Not only will Ron Paul not win, he will finish a very distant third or fourth … Dr. Paul might not even have a significant presence at the convention. There will be 2,286 delegates there and at least 1,836 oppose him … The Paulbots need to think about the future and Rand Paul’s presidential aspirations. That means dialing back the nonsense … A good retreat is better than a bad stand.

Congressman Steve King made a smart move by getting out in front and challenging Christie Vilsack to six debates. King has ignored previous challengers because, let’s be honest, they weren’t worthy of being acknowledged … I believe he will take the former teacher to school if she accepts the challenge … Steve King knows exactly where he stands on every issue and why. Vilsack spent two months travelling the Fourth District asking everyone where she should stand on important issues. The Abortion Queen will not be able to fool the people of the Fourth … A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion.

Should Republicans be glad about a moderate Democrat state senator challenging liberal Dave Loebsack? Absolutely … I doubt Joe Seng can win, but he can beat up liberal Loebsack in the primary and force him to spend important time and treasure. Or Seng could pull off the upset. Either way, Iowans win … Praise the ripe field not the green corn …

I’m not going to say Joe Seng took my advice in getting some Republican help to get enough signatures to primary liberal Loebsack, but my clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me some of Seng’s petitions did wind up at a few GOP county conventions … No idea how they got there …

Liberal blogger desmoinesdem over at Bleeding Heartland calls SengIowa’s worst Democratic lawmaker”. That makes him a hero in my book … BTW, Bleeding Heartland and John Deeth do yeoman’s work in analyzing all the legislative races. I disagree with them politically, but respect their hard work professionally.

Friday’s candidate filing deadlines revealed some other interesting developments, and non-developments … Iowa Gun Owners was trying to recruit a candidate to primary Republican rep Clel Baudler. They failed … The GOP is going to have several interesting primary battles, especially Annette Sweeney vs. Pat Grassley in HD 50 … Patience can conquer destiny …

HD 37 in Ankeny now has six Republicans competing in the primary, making it likely to be decided at convention … I count five senate seats and 19 house seats where Republicans have no Democrat opposition for the general election … There are zero senate seats and 14 house seats where Democrats have no GOP opposition … Translation: the GOP did a better job recruiting candidates …

Polk GOP Chairman Kevin McLaughlin decided to toss all the non-executive committee members out of their meeting Thursday night, going against precedent and a long history of these meetings being open … He cited a non-attorney as one of the two people who said he had the legal authority to close the meeting …

McLaughlin had placed a five-minute speech by central committee member Craig Bergman at the top of the agenda, with the belief Bergman would call for McLaughlin to step down. Bergman declined the opportunity to speak and says he didn’t even ask for it … McLaughlin then tried to dismiss everyone in the room who was not on the executive committee. When no one left, he said the meeting was adjourned … McLaughlin mishandled the situation … There’s no need to fear the wind if your haystacks are tied down

Darrell Kearney then made a motion to send the meeting into “executive session”, which was quickly seconded. The visitors then departed to the parking lot and the meeting continued … My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me the numerous problems at the Polk GOP county convention were glossed over and the meeting became a “lovefest” … Problem solving was nowhere to be found on the meeting’s agenda, nor does it appear to have been raised … You must empty a box before you fill it again.

There’s another LUV rally against gay marriage at the State Capitol this Tuesday at 10 am. The more time passes, the less the likelihood of a gay marriage ban. Public sentiment is moving the other way … Those “bold” leaders who really wanted something done should have called for a Constitutional Convention in 2010, as Craig Robinson and Nathan Tucker and others suggested here on TIR

By advocating for tapping the Strategic Oil Reserves, Barack Obama and Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley, are openly admitting that more oil in the market lowers prices. So then why are these clueless Dems against the Keystone pipeline? Why are they against drilling in ANWR? Why are they against drilling, period? Because they are beholden to the environmental lobby …

They talk ending oil subsidies, but waste millions of taxpayer $$$ on green energy flops like Solyndra ... The facts show renewable fuels receive far more subsidies than “Big Oil” … The  Strategic Oil Reserves are to be used only for emergencies. Obama’s declining poll numbers do not constitute one.

The ISU Cyclones were outclassed by a superior Kentucky team on Saturday, but should be proud of a great season, nice first round win over the defending national champs, and returning Hilton Magic to Ames … While the Clones are out, there is still plenty for Iowans to cheer for in the NCAA Tournament

Waukee native Gabe Knutson spurred Lehigh to an incredible upset of second seed Duke … Former Ames High teammates Doug McDermott and Harrison Barnes lock horns today as Creighton meets UNC … Great ball players, and by all accounts, great young men. They are doing the state of Iowa proud.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy this beautiful weather. Dance as if no one’s watching, sing as if no one’s listening, and live everyday as if it were your last.

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