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April 1st, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: My Last Election, Fisching for Delegates and Darth Cheney

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner … Happy April Fool’s Day. No tricks or traps here … Just sitting back and enjoying some pink slime. We would be honored if you would join us.

The ObamaCare hearings at the Supreme Court seemed to go very well for those of us who don’t believe in the government taking over our lives … Just three words of sage advice, to quote a wise man: Don’t get cocky … We won’t know until June how the vote will go. And the justices can still change their minds before then.

Meanwhile, our wonderful awful president is caught telling a Russian dictator he can cut a better deal after November since this will be his “last election” … Translation: “Once I’m no longer held accountable by voters, I can dictate whatever I want.” … The U.S. has an insurmountable lead in missile defense technology over the Russians, but Barack would gladly abandon that. After all, Vladimir Putin is so trustworthy.

State Central Committee member and Ron Pauls Iowa campaign vice-chair David Fischer angrily approached me last week and disputed some things I wrote regarding the chaotic Polk GOP convention … Fischer denied that he was advocating for the convention crashers (Paulbots) to be seated as delegates. He also said I should have asked him about it. Fischer’s right. I should have gotten his denial on record. Now it is …

Since David Fischer was so adamant about revisiting this story, I revisited with my original sources. That would be the people in charge of the Polk GOP convention … Convention organizer April Linder reconfirmed that in two different discussions during the morning session, Fischer was advocating for the Paulbot crashers to be seated as delegates at the Polk GOP convention …

Linder also reconfirmed that at least three different crashers claimed David Fischer told them they could be seated as county delegates, even though they weren’t elected … Fischer denies he told anyone this … Linder says she has these crashers’ names on file …

Polk GOP Co-Chair Dave Funk and Executive Director Ryan Keller reconfirmed that during a meeting over the lunch hour, David Fischer was advocating for the crashers to be seated as alternates at the district convention … Two days after the convention, Polk GOP Chairman Kevin McLaughlin, without naming names but clearly referring to Fischer, said on Simon Conway’s WHO Radio show that certain leaders he was counting on “were not helpful” … Credentials chief Joe Heuertz did say David Fischer has been very helpful to him.

How crucial is it for the Ron Paul campaign to take the majority of Iowa’s 28 national delegates? It means everything … Here’s the deal: A candidate has to secure the support of the majority of delegates in at least five states before he can be placed in nomination at the RNC convention … Ron Paul has not won a single state … The Paul campaign’s only hope of having any relevance at the convention is to take the majority of delegates in non-binding caucus states like Iowa … They will continue to fight hard for delegate slots … For this same reason, Newt Gingrich’s campaign is out to sea. He’s only won two states and unlike Paul, Newt has no infrastructure.

Rand Paul will be the featured speaker at the annual IFFC spring event. I’m looking forward to it. Paul was fantastic at the Iowa GOP’s “Night of the Rising Stars” event one year ago … Had he run for president this time instead of his father, the Paul revolution would be faring better right now in the presidential race, IMO.

Liberal Loebsack was so worried about his primary challenge from moderate Dem Joe Seng that he sent his minions to investigate every signature and interview the people who signed Seng’s petitions … Oh, my mistake. Liberal Loebsack donor Paul McAndrew acted completely on his own in doing this …  He even brought in hired gun Jeff Link to back up his case … So far, as best as I can tell, former Link underling Zach Edwards has not stolen the identity of Joe Seng or any petition signers …

Their appeals were rejected unanimously by a board that included Democrat Attorney General Tom Miller, who got some help from Link Strategies in his 2010 campaign … It is hilarious to watch the Dems go apoplectic over who signed Seng’s petitions and how they were acquired, while they hypocritically oppose checking photo ID’s for voters at the polls.

Speaking of Dems fighting each other, which is always fun, Keith Olbermann got the boot from Al Gore’s barely watched Current TV cable network … BTW, if you can’t find it anywhere on cable TV, does it really qualify as a network? … Now Olbermann and Gore are smearing each other publicly. Two of the world’s biggest frauds and blowhards are battling each other. Beautiful.

Former Herman Cain campaign head Mark Block is probably lighting up even more than usual these days. Block is now under investigation from the FBI for questionable campaign expenditures and loans. The FEC is also looking into the dealings of Block and his sidekick Linda Hansen … Meanwhile, Block has named himself, get this, the treasurer (seriously?!) of Cain’s super PAC.

I was not surprised to hear about Darth Cheney’s recent heart transplant. I mean, everything else is mechanical on the guy already … Even with the new heart, I bet Cheney still wants to apply the Force Chokehold on annoying liberals. Can you blame him?

“Game of Thrones” season two kicks off tonight on HBO. I highly recommend this show. It is by far one of the best on TV right now … A good king knows when to save his strength and when to destroy his enemies.

That’s all for this week. I’m off to the golf course. Join me again next week. It is your destiny.

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