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January 15th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Haley’s Huckisms, Mitt’s Hits and How Michele Fell

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. I love the smell of hyperlinks in the morning.

AFSCME union thug Danny Homan wants to start a recall drive against Governor Branstad. Dim Danny apparently doesn’t realize that Iowans don’t play thatTim Albrecht had it right. Homan and his ilk are obnoxious and his antics and greed are making things worse for a lot of struggling Iowans.

Who will the Dems run for governor in 2014? My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me it will be Bruce Braley, as long as he wins reelection this fall … Braley’s travel itinerary backs that up. He’s making a lot of stops outside the first district … The liberal congressman is being groomed for one of the top spots … Unfortunately for the Dems, Braley isn’t top tier material. He’s an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect the bill.

Who won the Iowa Caucus? We should find out this week. My understanding is that the Appanoose County error was not the only one. Some typos could change the outcome from a Romney victory to a Santorum one … Or they might not change anything.

Did the Santorum campaign make a fatal error by spending too much time in New Hampshire, instead of focusing on South Carolina? I think so. There was nothing gained in New Hampshire. Although Santorum officially took fourth place, it was widely reported he placed fifth … One week after tying for first in Iowa, the media narrative is Santorum had a big letdown. Now, his poll numbers are sinking in South Carolina. There is still time to turn it around, but the Santorum folks likely blew their only chance at stopping Romney.

BTW, it’s time to face facts. Barring some earth shattering change, Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. After he wins South Carolina, it’s a done deal … I have my doubts that Romney can beat Obama. I think he will have a hard time convincing evangelicals to turn out for him, which means bad news for the down ballot candidates … Romney’s VP choice better be a true conservative or the GOP is in trouble in 2012.

On his way out of office, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pulled a Huckabee and gave clemency to 200 criminals, including four killers who have vanished … We shouldn’t be too hard on ol’ Haley. He is still 823 pardons behind the Huckster’s record.

Speaking of Mike Huckabee, he and some of his fans are still whining that Fred Thompson stayed in the 2008 race through South Carolina just to help John McCain win … Pardon me, Mike, ahem, but this is pure, ridiculous nonsense from sore losers. Thompson took third here. That was one of the proverbial “three tickets out of Iowa” …

Yes, Thompson took some of the conservative vote away from Huckabee in South Carolina, but the goal was not to help or hurt anyone else. It was to win. Fred vehemently denies they worked together. McCain denies they worked together. They didn’t work together.

As Thompson stated, if his goal was to help McCain, he would have endorsed him immediately after dropping out to help him win places like his home state of Tennessee. Fred didn’t endorse until after Super Tuesday. And Huckabee won Tennessee … Time to get over it.

I can’t believe I was put in a position where I had to defend Mitt Romney, but Newt Gingrich did that with his ridiculous anti-capitalist attacks … There is so much to criticize about Romney’s record and history of flip-flops. Becoming a successful businessman is not one of them … I never thought Newt would morph into Michael Moore, but he has. Very disappointing.

Now the DNC is using Newt’s and Rick Perry’s own words to attack Romney. Perry lost one of his big money backers in South Carolina because of the attacks. Justifiably … Rick, seriously. Go back to Texas. You’ve embarrassed yourself enough already, brother.

The Register’s Jennifer Jacobs has an interesting look inside the Bachmann debacle of a campaign. She lists nine reasons the Iowa Straw Poll winner plummeted to sixth place in the caucus. There’s another dozen I could add, but why bother. However, here are three key takeaways the article …

1. Brad Zaun is a standup guy. He’s the only one in the article who accepted some of the blame for the campaign’s failings …

2. Bachmann sealed her fate when she promoted Keith Nahigian from advance team leader to campaign manager. You should never, ever let advance staff run the ins and outs of the campaign. These folks are great at optics. They are horrible at dealing with people. The people part is much more important … The advance staff had too much control over Bachmann. Everything came across as staged. And phony … They were more interested in photo-ops than messaging. It killed her chances.

3. Jennifer Jacobs does great work for the Register. Although it’s obviously a liberal leaning paper, I cannot detect any bias from Jacobs. She’s a pro and a solid journalist.

Now, for a smackdown of a liberal “journalist” … You might recall syndicated columnist Froma Harrop called the Tea Party terrorists last summer. She is also the president of a group of editorial writers that created the “Civility Project”, calling for better discourse in the media. Seriously … The Daily Show destroys her unbelievable hypocrisy in a clip that is both tearfully sad and laugh out loud funny at the same time.

Tim Tebow and the Broncos got manhandled by a better team Saturday night. That should not detract from the amazing season he put together … I do get tired of the “God helped Tebow win” stuff. I think the Lord has more important things to deal with than football games … But that’s irrelevant. Even if Tebow never throws another touchdown pass, he remains a very special human being. Believe that hype.

Finally, even though he’s no longer a presidential candidate, Herman Cain is still getting his facts wrong and flip-flopping on the issues. Cain criticized the presidential candidates for violating Reagan’s “thirteenth commandment” … Someone should tell this “Baptist preacher” there are only Ten Commandments, so Reagan’s would be the eleventh … In the same interview, Cain flip-flopped, and defended Newt Gingrich for going negative … Reason number 999 Cain is unfit to be president.

Thanks for reading. This is the end. You may now resume with the horror of your mundane existence.

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