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June 17th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Convention Capsule, Paulistinian Power and Doorknocking Diaries

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Am I the only one who thinks Gopal Krishna is fooling us with the thick accent and his real voice sounds like James Earl Jones?

So, what’d ya think of the state convention? My predictions going in were that the Paulistinians would get 22 delegates, Steve Scheffler would win National Committeeman, again, and Kim Pearson would win National Committeewoman. I was close. The Bots’ got 21 delegates, Scheffler won, and Pearson was the leader after the first ballot. She lost on the second ballot to Tamara ScottCongrats to all the winners

The National Committeewoman election showed us exactly why the Paulbots on the Rules Committee tried to change the way we elect National Committeeman/Woman, in violation of the RPI Constitution … They pushed hard for Kim Pearson to win … She would have, if this “oversight” had not been caught.

Last week, I wrote that Steve Scheffler should beware the Ides of June and look out for a backstabbing from Drew Ivers and David Fischer. It turns out, Scheffler might have morphed into Brutus and stabbed the Paulbot Caesars in the back … My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me that as soon as Scheffler got reelected, he instructed his minions to spread the word to vote for Tamara Scott, not Kim Pearson, even though Scheffler and Pearson were both on the Paulistinian slate of preferred candidates.

I spoke to 2nd District congressional nominee John Archer at the convention. He was glad, in a way, that Judy Davidson did not win national committeewoman because he’s counting on her help in winning Scott County this November … Davidson is one of the best GOP county chairs in the state. I wrote earlier this week that Davidson remained neutral in the caucuses, and from all the evidence I saw while covering several campaign events in Scott County, that is absolutely true. She was welcoming and helpful to all the candidates, including Ron Paul

For me, the two highlights of the event were Steve King and the junior delegates. The reaction of the convention when Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds was introducing King was absolutely amazing. The crowd began roaring as soon as his name was mentioned, and as Reynolds reeled off the good congressman’s accolades, the cheers were literally reverberating around the convention center. Then, of course, he gave a great speech …

I’m also wondering what Governor Branstad ate for breakfast. That was the most energetic speech I’ve ever seen him give …

The junior delegates’ presentation, led by Ben Dirks, was tremendous. It’s too bad the adults spent a ridiculously long time debating whether or not to accept their platform planks …

The most hilarious part of the convention was the Paulistinians on the Nominating Committee vehemently stating that their integrity should not be questioned … If you were so full of integrity, you would have offered a more balanced slate of national delegates. Instead, it’s obvious your only criteria was that they supported Ron Paul … If you’re claiming that slate is balanced, which some of you did, then yes, I am questioning your integrity. And your judgment

Also, for those whining that the amendment aimed at preventing SCC members from endorsing candidates in caucuses and primaries somehow violates free speech … Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here … Being elected to the SCC is a privilege, not a right. You have the right to support whatever candidate you want, or bash whatever candidate you want. You do not have a right to be on the State Central Committee … If you want to work for or support a candidate, great. But you shouldn’t be on the SCC. The amendment failed, but it is still in the platform that RPI officers  should stay neutral in primaries and caucuses. Follow the model set by David Chung and stick to it.

Of course, congratulations are also in order. You successfully gamed the system and got your fellow cultists elected to the national convention. I look forward to you going there and embarrassing Iowa by voting for a guy who hasn’t won a single state and has no chance of becoming the GOP nominee, because Mitt Romney already has more than 1,144 bound delegates … Whatcha gonna do during Rand Paul’s speech at the national convention when he tells you to support Romney? … I imagine ears will bleed

Two items of business … The SCC met after the convention. They confirmed former Ron Paul staffer Steve Bierfeldt as the new RPI executive director, which was a foregone conclusion … Also, convention chair Bill Talbot was confirmed as RPI’s new legal counsel, replacing Matt McDermott, who recently resigned.

I found out an interesting tidbit from someone with access to Voter Vault. If their records are correct, Will Johnson, a Paulbot who ran for Congress in 2010, is running for the Iowa Senate this year and was also selected as a national delegate, did not vote in the 2010 general election after losing in the primary to Ben Lange

Jeremiah Johnson, who I believe is Will’s brother, just finished a two-year term on the GOP State Central Committee and was a GOP national alternate delegate in 2008, isn’t even a registered Republican, according to Voter Vault. He is listed as an independent. Also according to Voter Vault, Johnson did not vote in the 2010 primary or general election …  So much for civic duty.

Earth to all the Paulistinians who call abortion a state issue. Read the Declaration of Independence, and pay real, real close attention to the part about “unalienable rights” and “life” …


Moving on … Who called in the bomb scare at the Democrats’ state convention? That’s a lotta liberals dressed up as empty seats.

How worried is President Obama that he’s going to lose to Romney in November? Very. That’s the only way to explain his pathetic pandering to Hispanics with his announcement that he’ll issue an executive order to stop deporting some illegal immigrants … Congressman King has already promised to sue Obama if he goes through with this unconstitutional lunacy … You know who else thinks its unconstitutional? Barack Obama … Of course, that was during a non-election year …


Obama said he was too busy to help Democrats campaign in the Wisconsin recall election. As with much of what Obama says, this is easily proven false … Four days before the election, Obama held six fundraisers in Minnesota and Illinois, states that border Wisconsin. Then he spent the weekend relaxing at Camp David. Obama spent the previous Saturday on the golf course … The fact is, when Democrats needed him most, the leader of their party refused to help them.

Finally, this is a tad risqué, but I wanted to share the hilarity of this Facebook chat I had a few days ago with a local candidate for office. It made laugh. The candidate’s identity has been hidden to protect the innocent:

Candidate: “i… saw a vagina while door knocking.

Me: Um…okay… was she pretty?

Candidate: no. she was 50. sitting outside smoking a cigarette, pajama pants, no underwear, and the button unbuttoned.

Me: literally lol

Candidate: omg it was awful .i was trying to carry on a conversation with this woman.

Me: Did you get her vote?

Candidate: she was pretty receptive. she’d just moved to town. apparently hadn’t taken a chance to learn about our dress code here.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.

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