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January 1st, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Caucus Edition

Happy New Year and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. In the words of James Agate, here’s my New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.

Everyone No one is asking me about my Iowa Caucus predictions. So, here they go, subject to change based on actual results. I do believe we will see a record turnout for GOP voters:

  1.  Ron Paul – Give him credit. He campaigned the way it’s supposed to be done, by taking his message to Iowans and building the best organization. He’ll also be helped by Dem crossovers, which don’t show up in the polls.
  2. Mitt Romney – A strong top two finish is good enough for Mittens, after ignoring Iowa for most of the year. Now he’ll go to New Hampshire, win handily, and be well on his way to the GOP nomination.
  3. Rick Santorum – A testament to the perseverance and hard work of one man. A third place showing should be considered a victory for Santorum.
  4. Rick Perry – The Fred Thompson of 2012, only worse. Fred at least held his own in the debates and finished third in Iowa. Perry, much like Fred four years ago, is not campaigning on New Year’s Day. Dumb.
  5. Newt Gingrich – A stunning collapse for the guy that was running away with the nomination a month ago. Newt waited until the final weeks to try to build an organization in Iowa. That will cost him dearly.
  6. Michele Bachmann – She was collapsing before the Sorenson Sellout. Now she’s finished. The last minute 99-county tour was an ill-advised choice of quantity over quality. Bachmann might have had the worst final week of any candidate in caucus history.
  7. Jon Huntsman – I hope “Other” gets more votes than him. They deserve it.

So, if Paul and Romney finish 1 & 2, what kind of choice does that give the other states? … Let’s just say there’s a South Park episode that addresses this conundrum.

Will we see something along the lines of a Dean Scream on caucus night? …  A Mitt Fit? Or Paul Bawl? How about a Newt Toot? … BTW, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Mitt Romney. Just sayin’… If Paul wins Iowa, firewalls will immediately go up in other states that will block Ron Paul from getting the nomination.

Back to the Sorenson Sellout. I don’t think it helps Ron Paul much, if at all. A lot of people are disgusted at Sorenson’s behavior, so I doubt many of them jumped from Bachmann to Paul because of Sorenson. This thing could backfire.

With the Sorenson Sellout in mind, I had to laugh at this subject line for an email I got yesterday from Rand Paul: “How much?” … Sorry, Rand. My name’s not Kent and my endorsement is not for sale … Not that anyone would pay more than two dollars for it.

I honestly feel bad for Michele Bachmann. Sorenson’s treatment of her was deplorable. However, she does deserve a little bit of the blame for letting Sorenson walk. She should have signed him to a contract that states he could not publicly back another candidate as long she is running … Of course, that is the latest in a long line of mistakes by the Bachmann campaign …

Having Danny Carroll and Tamara Scott campaigning with her is another. Not that they couldn’t help, but they’re acting as attack dogs instead of propping up Bachmann. It’s rather unseemly … BTW Tamara, when Michele Bachmann shows up late for all seven events in one day, and it is accurately reported that she was late for all seven events, that’s not being “dishonest” … What is dishonest is your cockamamie tale about how reshooting a one minute video threw off the whole schedule. Pure nonsense … And you weren’t even on the campaign trail for the day TIR was reporting on.

Bachmann’s campaign is not the only one to implode this week. Following a year of grassroots efforts, Strong America Now threw its credibility away when founder Mike George formed a PAC and began advocating for Newt Gingrich. There were two other candidates that received ‘A’ grades on the SAN report card … If you want to attack Mitt Romney for not signing the pledge, fine. But you wasted a lot of goodwill by backing one candidate. Interestingly, Romney told WHO Radio’s Simon Conway he had never heard of the Strong America Now pledge.

Simon says he supports Rick Perry, but won’t vote for him because he doesn’t want to register as a Republican. That might make this the worst endorsement since Ron Paul threw his support behind Cynthia McKinney.

Congressman Steve King indicated on Friday that he might make an endorsement just to stop Ron Paul. Better late than never, I guess. Congressman, if you’re gonna jump in, do it now and take a sledgehammer to Paul’s naïve foreign policy. Before it’s too late.

Finally, I can’t help but laugh at the Palinistas’ latest efforts. A group of Sarah Palin supporters bought ad time on Iowa radio and hopes to get 5% of caucus goers to write-in the name of someone who does not want to run for president … There’s one big problem with this. No votes for Sarah Palin will be reported in the final results. They will be listed as “Other”, along with all the votes for Daffy Duck and Monty Brewster … It is time for the Palin Earthquake’s delusional nonsense to be swept into the abyss. There is no life in the void.

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