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January 29th, 2012

Kevin’s Korner: Cain Cult to the Rescue, Ronulans and Huck Loves Mitt

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. A warning before reading any further: You might detect some right wing bias in this column. Any semblance to actual journalism is purely coincidental.

Who is Barack Obama’s favorite person? I’d say the I’s have it.

Will the Cainiac cult be able to save Newt in Florida? In a word, no … This is flip-flop #9,372 for Herman Cain. After endorsing “the people” and saying he would not endorse a presidential candidate, Cain has decided to back fellow philanderer Newt Gingrich … I wonder what Newt offered Herb … Might I suggest, ambassador to the moon?

Speaking of cults, with all of Newt’s talk about moon bases and thanks to some advice from the Paulbots Ronulans (HT Cary Gordon), I’ve done a lot of thinking and research on the matter and decided Newt’s whole space program is a terrible idea. This whole Truther thing is legit. Open your minds! The Death Star explosion was an inside job! … Think of the intergalactic havoc Emperor Newt could create.

Speaking of the Ronulans, two former Ron Paul staffers have come out and said he did indeed oversee all aspects of his 1990s newsletters, including the racist parts. … According to the Washington Post article, Paul’s newsletters claimed Martin Luther King Jr. “seduced underage girls and boys’’; they ridiculed black activists by suggesting that New York be named “Zooville” or “Lazyopolis”; and they said the 1992 Los Angeles riots ended “when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.’’ … That is pretty disgraceful stuff to be attached to a presidential candidate.

The Iowa Caucus needs all the defenders it can get right now. FOX’ Sean Hannity is not one of them. Hannity said earlier this week that he does not think Florida should lose half its delegates for jumping ahead in the primary calendar. Hannity is wrong … Florida threw the whole primary schedule into chaos. They should not only lose half their delegates, they should lose the GOP convention. Too bad the RNC doesn’t have the testicular fortitude required to do that.

Does anyone else think it’s odd how much Mike Huckabee defends Mitt Romney, given the obvious disdain the two men held for each other four years ago? … Here’s my Conspiracy Theory of the Week: Romney convinced the Huckster to stay out of the presidential race in exchange for a VP nomination … I mean, Romney seems to be the least in line with Huckabee’s views, yet he leaps to Mitt’s defense on abortion, Bain, and negative ads run by Gingrich’s campaign … Something’s cooking between Mitt and Huck, and it ain’t fried squirrel.

I don’t know how anyone could defend RomneyCare after the way Rick Santorum dismantled it in Thursday’s debate. Holy cow. That was one of the best debate smackdowns I’ve ever seen … Any jury in the country would find RomneyCare guilty-as-charged after watching that.

Speaking of juries, what in the blue hell is prominent Republican attorney Matt Whitaker doing defending (alleged) Democrat sleazeball Zach Edwards? … Edwards is the Dem dirtbag (allegedly) who tried to steal Secretary of State Matt Schultz’ identity in order to frame him … A few people have mentioned Whitaker as a potential challenger to Commie Tommie Harkin in 2014. Now he’s defending the guy who worked for the firm that runs Harkin’s campaigns? … It doesn’t make sense …

That is, unless Edwards cut a deal with GOP higher-ups to spill the beans on the entire slimy operation (alleged) over at Link Strategies … If I were the Dems, which I never will be, but if I were, I would be worried that Edwards pled not guilty … I am very, very curious to see who is paying Zach Edwards’ legal bills.

The Dems are whining, again, about Matt Schultz’ renewed efforts to bring a Voter ID law to Iowa. Why is it an ID is required for so many other functions, but not to vote? Let’s go through the list one more time:

TIR Comment of the Week: From Alfio, in response to my State of the Union: By the Numbers article: “Kevin’s two decades of journalistic experience have resulted in a distinct right wing bias. That’s not journalism, that’s partisan reporting.” … Earth to Alfio. It’s time for you to return to Melmac …  The name of the website is The Iowa Republican. And right underneath the title, on the page you commented on, it says “News for Republicans, by Republicans” … The difference between us and most of the media is we admit our bias upfront.

Great to see the Cyclones knock off the #5 ranked Kansas Jayhawks Saturday. Frankly, any time KU loses, it’s a good day … UFC on FOX 2 was a letdown. The only bright spot was Chael Sonnen’s awesome post-match promo … The three matches were mostly snoozers, and any time Rashad Evans wins, it’s a bad day. Not exactly the way to bring a mainstream audience to your product … Evans will get his comeuppance in April when Jon “Bones” Jones destroys him.

Finally, no matter which candidate you’re backing or which side of the aisle you are on, this is prayer request for Rick Santorum’s daughter, Bella. She is a three year old with special needs and every breath she has taken has been a precious one. Bella was admitted to the hospital Saturday and Rick Santorum cancelled his Sunday morning campaign events to be with her.

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