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May 27th, 2012

Kaufmann Endorses Grassley in HD 50 Race

Iowa House Speaker Pro-Tem Jeff Kaufmann (R-Wilton) came out in support of Representative Pat Grassley (R-New Hampton) in his primary matchup with fellow Republican incumbent Annette Sweeney (R-Alden) in House District 50.

Representative Kaufmann is the first prominent Republican official to endorse Grassley, other than Grassley’s famous grandfather. Below is the press release sent by Kaufmann Sunday morning:

I’ve known Pat Grassley since his first day in the State Legislature six years ago.  In fact, I probably know him better than most people.  You see, after getting elected, every new legislator is matched up with a more senior member who serves as their mentor.  I was Pat’s legislative mentor.  And proud of it!

Like most Iowans, I’ve followed the career and hard work of Pat’s grandfather – U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley – and long admired his dedication to conservative principles and public service.  When it comes to Pat, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Pat is one of the hardest working and most committed legislators I know.  In fact, in his six years, he has never missed a vote on the House floor.  As he sees it, he was given a public trust and when someone hires him for a job, he’s going to take the honor seriously and show up for work every day.  Not missing a vote in six years is almost unheard of!

What has impressed me most about Pat Grassley is that he has earned his reputation as an independent-minded voice of the people. I have heard him say no to special interest groups with goals counter to the interests of his constituents. He has stood up to self-proclaimed “kingmakers with deep pockets” who seek to promote their agenda through legislators beholden to them. We need more lawmakers with this courage.

When he’s not sitting on a tractor or in a combine, Pat is sitting on some influential committees.  He is Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, a senior member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, and an active member of the Commerce Committee.

Too many people get elected to public office and then let the position go right to their head.  Being a member of the House isn’t about getting your picture in the paper or singing your own praises.  Being an elected official is about showing up to work, offering bold ideas, and remembering to listen to and represent those hardworking Iowans who elected you.  That’s the Pat I knew when he was first elected, and that’s the Pat I know today.

Three times I was elected a Republican leader in the House. I am here to say that Pat’s integrity, work ethic, and conservative values are unquestioned by legislators who daily work beside him.

Politics being what it is, there are already some unsavory accusations and mischaracterization of his record.  You’ve probably received some negative mail pieces and phone calls, or heard some twisted radio and TV commercials about Pat.  It’s too bad people do such things.  That’s why I wanted to tell you about my colleague and friend – Pat Grassley.

I hope you’ll vote in the Republican Primary and re-elect Pat Grassley in the new House District 50 on Tuesday, June 5th.  In doing so, you’ll have the hardest working member of the Iowa Legislature – doing the right thing, for the right reasons, every day.


Jeff Kaufmann (R-Wilton)
Speaker Pro-Tem (2011-2012)
Iowa House of Representatives

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