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September 27th, 2012

Jindal Joins Judge Ouster Effort, Lays Groundwork for Future

When politicians from outside Iowa make frequent visits to our First-in-the-Nation caucus state, it is a natural assumption that they have aspirations to someday run for president. Such is the case with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. A rising star in the GOP who was considered among the top candidates to become Mitt Romney’s running mate, Jindal has visited Iowa three months in a row.

Louisiana’s chief executive joined the Iowans for Freedom bus tour on Wednesday as it made stops in Mason City, Marshalltown, Ft. Dodge and Carroll. At each stop, Governor Jindal advocated for the ouster of Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins, one of the seven judges who overturned Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act, bringing same-sex marriage to the state. Jindal believes Wiggins acted as a legislator, which is not the job of a judge.

“This isn’t about Judge Wiggins’ liberal views,” Jindal told a crowd of 75 in Marshalltown. “If he wants to espouse those views, God bless him and I wish him luck as he runs for the legislature. I wouldn’t recommend you vote for him, but I wish him luck if he decided to go and run for that office. But as long as he’s on the court, he’s got to take his oath seriously. If he is not willing to do that, it is up to us to make him take his oath seriously by voting ‘No’ for Justice Wiggins this fall.”

Last month, Bobby Jindal headlined a second amendment rally near Searsboro, Iowa. He visited West Des Moines in July to campaign for Mitt Romney. Those were not his first stops in the Hawkeye State, either. Jindal lent a helping hand to Texas Governor Rick Perry in the days prior to the 2012 Iowa Caucus. In 2010, Jindal came to Iowa to give Terry Branstad a boost in the gubernatorial race.

He probably is not here for the corn. It is obvious that Governor Jindal is laying a foundation to one day seek higher office. However, that does not necessarily mean he is looking at 2016. Bobby Jindal has made it clear he fully supports Mitt Romney. In fact, during Jindal’s 12-minute speech in Marshalltown, he spent eight minutes criticizing President Obama and only four minutes discussing judicial activism.

“Promise after promise broken, whether it was the economy, whether it was borrowing or whether it was Obamacare,” Jindal said. “But you know, those aren’t the most important reasons that we make sure this is a one-term president. The most important reason is that you’ve got two widely different, competing views at stake in this election.”

Jindal provided a lot of detail about the president’s broken promises. He also mentioned that whenever Obama speaks without a teleprompter, he goes off script and his staff has to clean up the mess.

“In 2011, three different times, three different speeches, he said this about the American people: He said we were lazy, soft and we’ve lost our ambition. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t sound like the American people that I know. I’ve got a message for the president: Mr. President, the American people aren’t lazy, aren’t soft, we’ve not lost our ambition. If he really believes that, it is time for him to lose his job,” Jindal said to applause from the crowd.

Jindal also leveled pointed criticism at judges on the state and federal level. He recounted a case in Louisiana where a rapist of a child was sentenced to death. The appeals went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The result was the removal of the death penalty for all child rapists. Jindal says the judges claimed there was “a growing national consensus” and used that in their reasoning. That is the very essence of judicial activism.

“It seems like they’re more worried with opinion polls and international precedent instead of just doing their jobs, reading the constitution and applying it fairly,” Jindal said. “Indeed, some of these judges, they actually make the replacement refs in the NFL look like geniuses by comparison.”

Only 41 years old, Bobby Jindal is one of the youngest governors in the nation. He has a long and promising political future in front of him, if he so chooses. Jindal is also making friends with all the right people in the leadoff state for president races.

“He’s been a standard bearer for the family,” Iowan for Freedom Chairman Bob Vander Plaats said. “He’s been a standard bearer for conservative issues. He’s been a leader across the country. A lot of people point to his leadership in Louisiana.”

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