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March 9th, 2012

Is A.J. Spiker Still Coordinating with Ron Paul’s Organization?

Upon his election, new Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker quickly resigned from his paid position as state vice-chairman of the Ron Paul presidential campaign. However, that does not mean he has cut ties from the Paul campaign and their organizational arm, Campaign for Liberty. Several parts of a fundraising email sent by Spiker on behalf of the Iowa GOP last week are very similar or identical to an email distributed by Campaign for Liberty on Thursday.

The subject lines, “The Second Amendment is Dangerous!” are exactly the same. The first few paragraphs of CFL’s email include only minor changes from Spiker’s. Here are the similar lines:

Iowa GOP email:

“The Second Amendment is Dangerous!

Or at least that is what you would think after 40 Democrats walked out of the Iowa House today in protest of legislation protecting second amendment rights of Iowans … 

…These two bills, each designed to defend Iowans’ right to bear arms, were scheduled for debate this afternoon.   The first bill amends the Iowa Constitution to include an explicit right to bear arms and the second strengthens your right to self-defense

…House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, called this kind of protection “extreme” and commented that enacting these laws would turn Iowa into the “Wild, Wild West.”  

Campaign for Liberty email:

“The Second Amendment is Dangerous! That’s what the Democrats in the Iowa House would have you believe, after all 40 walked out of the Capitol a week ago in protest of legislation protecting the Second Amendment rights of Iowans.

Two bills were scheduled for debate in the Iowa House–one that would amend Iowa’s Constitution to include an explicit right to keep and bear arms (HJR 2009), and a second to strengthen your right to self-defense (HF 2215.)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy believed that Iowa House Republicans were going to “alter the Iowa Constitution with extreme gun language that, if enacted, would turn Iowa into the Wild, Wild West.”

Also note the nearly identical closings:

“In Liberty, A.J. Spiker, Chairman

 “For Liberty, Dusty Juhl, Interim State Coordinator, Iowa Campaign for Liberty”

The Iowa GOP email includes a fundraising pitch. The Campaign for Liberty email goes on to criticize Republican House member Clel Baudler and encourages activists to contact the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So, there are more questions A.J. Spiker needs to answer:

Did Campaign for Liberty plagiarize Spiker’s fundraising appeal, or did he approve of the group using his words?

Is the Iowa GOP chairman still a coordinator for Campaign for Liberty? He’s still listed as one on their website.

Does Chairman Spiker still consider himself a member of Campaign for Liberty?

Does Chairman Spiker approve of Campaign for Liberty’s criticisms of a sitting Republican House Representative?

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