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March 22nd, 2012

Iowan Becky Beach Named to She-PAC Board

Prominent Iowa conservative Becky Beach was named to the national advisory board for She-PAC, a new political action committed geared toward electing conservative women. Beach is one of Iowa’s most prolific fundraisers and has extensive political experience.

She worked on George HW Bush’s presidential campaign as the personal assistant to Mrs. Barbara Bush. Following the election, Beach worked in the U.S. Department of Energy as White House Liaison. She returned to Iowa in 1993 and worked in the Iowa Senate from 1995-2007, assistant the President of the Senate. She has also worked on various campaigns and become a close ally of Sarah Palin last year.

Here is the ShePAC press release, and a look at their new video which blasts President Obama for his ties to Bill Maher. The comedian frequently demeans conservative women in vulgar terms and recently donated $1 million to Obama’s super PAC.

Washington, DC – Continuing its formidable early success, ShePAC proudly announces the expansion of its leadership team.  Joining Co-Chairs Teri Christoph, Suzanne Terrell and Treasurer Tim Crawford, the women below will form ShePAC’s National Advisory Board.

Deanna Ballard

Becky Beach

Cathy Gillespie

Karen Giorno

Georgia Godfrey

Jillian Hasner

Amy Kremer

Lindsay Matlock

Elizabeth Pinkerton

Pam Pryor

Princella Smith

Janine Turner

Ruth Ulrich

The ShePAC National Advisory Board represents a vast amount of experience in many fields and firm support of its mission to Support, Honor, and Elect conservative women and to develop and implement programs to empower conservative women to make their voice heard at the polls across the nation.

These women are a cross-section of the country and individually extraordinary in their fields.

Suzanne Terrell, ShePAC Co-Chair, said of organization’s success and the distinguished advisory board, “This movement is long overdue.  Republican women are driving the agenda for positive change toward restoring America’s greatness.  I am honored so many strong women join us in taking a stand and supporting other women who share these goals.”

ShePAC Co-Chair Teri Christoph said of the women joining the advisory board, “I am proud to be working with our distinguished advisory board.  They represent a diverse group of successful women from varied walks of life.  These women share a common commitment to our cause that makes each key to the work of ShePAC.”

Christoph continued, “ShePAC’s advisory board has a unique dynamic and will be a formidable force as we work to fulfill our mission, change the course of American politics and assure conservative voters that their voice continues to matter at every level.”

Since ShePAC’s launch in February 2012 it has garnered the attention of hundreds-of-thousand of Americans.  The release of ShePAC’s video demanding President Obama reject talk show host Bill Maher’s one million dollar contribution, money earned while he insulted, defamed and promoted violence against women, went viral and was viewed by over 450,000 Americans.

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