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September 24th, 2012

Iowa Democrat Activist: “Don’t Waste Vote On Boswell”

Ed Fallon, a former Democrat State Representative from Des Moines, who also ran for Governor in 2006 and Congress in 2008, has sent a scathing email urges Democrats not to re-elect Congressman Leonard Boswell this fall.

Fallon’s email questions the seven-term congressman’s integrity, calls him a sure “loser” against his Republican challenger Congressman Tom Latham, and encourages Democrats to concede the race in hopes that a progressive-populist candidate can win the Democrat primary in 2014.

Below are some excerpts from Fallon’s email:

Dear Friends,
Just as I am most certainly voting FOR Barack Obama, I am most certainly NOT voting for Leonard Boswell… Let me give you five reasons why you, too, should not vote for Boswell.

1. Lack of integrity. Perhaps you have your own stories. I have heard some of them. Mine include Boswell sending an aide to bribe me with the offer of an $80,000 a-year job to not run against him. The aide also told me that Boswell was so in love with power that he had “become like Gollum with the ring.” The 2008 campaign itself was brutal, and it seemed there were no lies or half-truths that Boswell and his operatives would not stoop to.

2. Of the Democrats who have represented Iowa in Congress over the past several decades, there are none whose voting record is more out of sync with Democratic priorities than Boswell. Yet Party leaders insist we support him because Latham is so, so bad. It’s a lousy argument and we shouldn’t buy it, because when we do it empowers the Party to stuff another corporate Democrat down our throats next time. In fact, I guarantee you Party insiders have already drafted the short list of pro-big-business Democrats they want to foist on us when Boswell loses.

3. A common reason given for not voting for third party candidates is they will most certainly lose. Well, Boswell will most certainly lose, so let’s be consistent. In 2008, Boswell outspent me 3 – 1 and I got trounced (39%). At last count, Latham raised six times as much money as Boswell. I sure wish money in politics didn’t matter, but let’s be realistic. There’s a name for a candidate who gets outspent 6 – 1. It’s “loser.”

4. Some argue that Democrats and moderates need to support Boswell because we don’t want the US House controlled by right-wing Republicans. Granted, Paul Ryan’s House is a very scary place. But even the most favorable projections don’t see a path to Democrats taking control of the House. So, Boswell losing will not tip the balance of power in Congress.

5. Conceding the seat to Latham opens the door for a strong, progressive-populist Democrat to win the primary in 2014 and beat Latham in an election where voters are actually presented with a clear choice. The best thing we can do in the third district is to create some momentum through a write-in campaign for a strong progressive who can beat Latham in 2014.

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