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September 4th, 2012

Iowa Based Group Releases New Web Ad Titled “Janesville.”

American Future Fund is releasing a new web ad to tell the story of Janesville, WI, which may very well be home to one of the saddest and most striking examples of Obama’s failed leadership.

During the campaign of 2008, Obama dialed in to American’s hearts and minds with soaring promises, delivered poetically with passion and precision.  His words lifted us us and gave us hope.  For Janesville, WI, his promises to help provide support needed to keep their precious GM Assembly Plant, jobs for thousands of residents, open for another 100 years, was the kind of hope they desperately needed.

Obama made those grandiose promises to the residents of Janesville in February of 2008.  One year later, Obama signed his infamous $800 billion stimulus bill.  Two months later, in April 2009, the plant closed it’s doors for good.

The people of Janesville know all too well the disappointment felt after putting confidence in the hopeful words of President Obama.  The sad truth is that his policies and plans have failed America.  Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan said it perfectly, “We have suffered no shortage of words in the White House.  What is missing is leadership.”

Nick Ryan, founder of AFF, stated, “Americans have suffered President Obama’s empty rhetoric and broken promises long enough.  Obama’s truth is hurting America.  Enough talk, Mr. President, it’s time for new leadership.”

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