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September 20th, 2012

Former John Deere Worker Calls Loebsack’s Negative Attacks “Unbelievable”

Demonstrating just how out-of-touch Dave Loebsack is with Iowa families, he suggests that the Quad City based John Deere is “part of the problem” in a recent television ad. In the new ad, Dave Loebsack attacks John Archer for his decade of work at John Deere, saying companies like John Deere are negatively impacting the Iowa worker. Many Iowans, not to mention former and current workers at John Deere, are upset by Loebsack’s desperate political attacks.

“Many Iowans know someone who works for John Deere, considering they are one of the largest employers in a number of Iowa cities. Many more Iowans are proud owners of John Deere lawn mowers and tractors. This is the time of year many hard working Iowans, including myself, are taking our green tractors into the field. I cannot believe Congressman Loebsack would attack John Deere,” said John Deere tractor owner and Donahue resident John Maxwell.

Roger Bridges, a retired John Deere production worker and manager for 34 years, said, “Congressman Loebsack’s TV ad attacking John Deere is unbelievable. The ad makes no mention of the thousands of jobs created in the U.S. as a result of John Deere being a global enterprise with its business partners. Attacking one of Iowa’s largest employers that is celebrating its 175th year in 2012 is not only poor campaigning; it is narrow-minded and uninformed.”

“John Deere is not the problem,” Archer said. “Congressman Loebsack is the problem. This attack shows his true colors towards American business. He should be embarrassed for attacking the longtime Iowa employer that has created jobs for our families.”

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