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June 21st, 2012

Fired Up And Ready To Go?

By John Archer

The Obama campaign recently released a web video about its kick-off “Canvassing Day of Action” in Iowa. The narrator, Regional Field Director Allie Panther, says that the campaign is “excited to have a ton of volunteers coming out.” But just seconds into the video, it becomes clear that there’s barely anyone there.

So what are they so excited about? The rooms are practically empty, with no shortage of empty chairs. And with the exception of a few children accompanying their parents, the video features almost no young people.

Fired up and ready to go? Not exactly.

And especially in contrast with the excitement surrounding President Obama on the campaign trail last time around. Back then, it was as if he was a basketball player being introduced at a playoff game.

Indeed, his campaign used to get the reception of Michael Jordan in the movie Space Jam. Now it’s more like Daffy Duck in that same movie.

It’s not hard to imagine why. After three and a half years of his administration, President Obama has lost his celebrity status. With the dismal state of the economy and an unemployment rate of 8.2 percent, people no longer believe in his leadership.

And that especially applies to young people. Four years ago, he energized young Americans when he said he would change the way things were done in Washington. Today they are graduating college smothered in record levels of debt and unable to find jobs, let alone good ones. The decline in enthusiasm is a reflection of both the facts and the prospects for President Obama’s re-election come November.

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