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August 22nd, 2012

Farm Bureau Endorses Lange Over Braley in 1st CD Rematch

Braley’s Policies at Odds with Iowa Values and Agricultural Community

INDEPENDENCE, IA — The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation has endorsed U.S. congressional candidate Ben Lange as a ‘Friend of Agriculture’ for the 2012 general election due to Lange’s unwavering support of Iowa’s rural and agricultural policies and communities.The Farm Bureau’s endorsement is a highly sought after endorsement for state and federal candidates in Iowa.

The Lange endorsement is particularly notable since the Iowa Farm Bureau previously endorsed Congressman Bruce Braley, signaling the continued erosion of support for the liberal Democrat incumbent in Iowa’s 1st congressional district.

“Actions matter,” said the Iowa Farm Bureau’s PAC Chair Rod Collins. “Our PAC carefully evaluates the candidates’ track records to determine who has demonstrated support for our farmers and issues that directly impact their families, businesses and communities. It’s a process that emphasizes Farm Bureau policies over partisan politics.”

Lange and Braley differ on several key policy areas affecting Iowa’s agriculture and the endorsement of Lange sends a clear message that Braley is on the wrong side of the issues that matter most to Iowa’s agricultural community.

Death Tax:
Lange has called for the permanent elimination of the death tax, while Braley has voted for the permanent extension of the tax, a leading cause of multi-generational family farms being shut down or sold off.   

Cap-and-Trade: Lange opposes the onerous cap-and-trade regulatory regime, while Braley supports it. Cap-and-trade will increase costs on American companies, increase prices for consumers, force more of American companies overseas, and ultimately cost Americans even more jobs.

Free Trade: Lange supports free trade agreements that open new markets for Iowa farmers and American businesses, while Braley opposed NAFTA, CAFTA, and voted against free trade agreements with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.

Lange, who grew up in rural Northeast Iowa, has participated in 20 county-level Iowa Farm Bureau events across Iowa’s 1st congressional district since announcing his candidacy.

“I’m proud to stand with the Iowa Farm Bureau and its members to preserve Iowa’s unique culture and values, to grow our economy, to open new markets, and to reward the hard work and investments of our farmers and other stakeholders,” said Lange.

The Iowa Farm Bureau consists of 153,000 individual families across all 99 counties and, according to the Bureau, these members consist of a “a diverse group of people with differing view points” who are united by “Iowa values such as a belief in hard work, a passion for the land and character rooted in faith and family.”

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