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June 14th, 2012

Fact vs. Fiction: Christie Vilsack’s Misleading Attacks on Congressional Pay Show a Troubled Campaign

(AMES) – After a disappointing appearance on Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press,” Christie Vilsack has launched a dishonest radio ad attacking Congressman King’s salary to try to cover-up her out-of-touch, liberal positions like her to desire to raise taxes on smart, hard working Iowans and her unwillingness to balance the budget through a Balanced Budget Amendment.

“Christie Vilsack won’t attack Congressman King on the issues because she doesn’t want to be asked where she stands,” said King For Congress Campaign Manager Jake Ketzner. “Congressman King has a four-point plan to get America and the 4th District working again, Christie Vilsack has a four-point plan to avoid answering questions – duck, cover, bob and weave.”

Here is a look at the facts and the fiction:

FACT: Congressman King voted against a pay raise for himself the only two times it came up as a stand-alone vote. First was via Roll Cal H.R. 5146, April 27, 2010 and on February 1, 2012, Congressman King voted to freeze his own pay. (Roll Call H.R. 3835, February 1, 2012).

FICTION: Christie Vilsack has called on all Democrats, including her campaign contributor Nancy Pelosi, to return their pay raises.

FACT: FactCheck.Org said, “So now there’s even less of an excuse to keep passing on those angry messages claiming that Congress is voting itself pay increases. They’re just not true.”

FACT: Congressman King voted to protect our troops and rebuild Iraq after a period of war in the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense and for the Reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. (H.R. 3289)

FICTION: Christie Vilsack committed to funding our troops after the September 11th attacks – a time of war. (“Iowa Press,” June 8, 2012)

FACT: Christie Vilsack is resorting to dishonest attacks this early because she knows her position of raising taxes on nearly 50,000 Iowa families, calling a Balanced Budget Amendment to reign Washington spending “a gimmick” and ducking questions will not sit well with 4th District Iowa voters. (Learn More)

FACT: Congressman King is the national leader in the fight to repeal ObamaCare and its negative effects on every American, balance our federal budget, harness and harvest American energy and create economic opportunity through economic certainty. (Learn more)

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