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June 28th, 2012

Does Christie Vilsack Have Obama’s Back?

Hand-Picked by National Democrats, Candidate Is Just Another Rubberstamp for Obama’s Failed Policies 

WASHINGTON — National Democrats must be having a hard time gathering support for President Obama’s job-crushing policies including his healthcare overhaul and nearly $1 trillion disastrous stimulus, because they just launched a pledge asking people to sign their support for him. As Iowa families face a dire economic climate, will Christie Vilsack have Obama’s back by supporting his big-government healthcare takeover and reckless spending sprees?

“Iowa workers want to know if Christie Vilsack will be another blind follower of the Democrat policies that have wasted taxpayer dollars and made their government takeover of healthcare the law of the land,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “The last thing that Iowa needs is another Democrat in Congress that is ready to double down on Obama’s failed policies – so does Vilsack have Obama’s back?”

A new drive by national Democrats is asking people to pledge their support for Obama’s failed, anti-growth policies. (“Have Obama’s Back” Pledge Site, Accessed 6/27/2012)

In 2010, Americans made a statement by getting rid of 52 Democrats, most of which voted for ObamaCare and for Obama’s political agenda:

“Fifty-two Democrats lost in 2010, and public outrage over the health care law played a huge role in those losses, which handed the House to Republicans and put the Obama presidency on the defensive.” (Kate Nocera, “2010 Dem losers: No regrets on health care vote,” Politico, 6/27/2012)

Several House Democrats have already attempted to run away from their record of supporting President Obama’s agenda of taxing, spending and borrowing and pledged not to go to the Democrat National Convention:

“Augusta U.S. Rep. John Barrow will skip the Democratic National Convention in September, adding to a growing list of Democrats distancing themselves from the national party’s major quadrennial get-together.” (Daniel Malloy, “Barrow to skip Democratic National Convention,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6/26/2012)

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