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April 18th, 2012

Dan Dolan: Why I’m Running for Congress

“Why should I vote for you for Congress?”

It’s the most often asked question I get from Iowans as I travel throughout the Second District.

I give an honest, straightforward answer:

“I have the real life experience far too few Congressmen have and I believe it’s the type of experience our country needs right now.

I’m a small businessman who builds homes here in Eastern Iowa.  My wife, Celeste and I started building homes some 20 years ago.  We had a young family and not much more than faith and a dream but we believed in ourselves, used our common sense, worked hard and built our first house; sold it and built another.

Since then we’ve handed new home keys to nearly 350 Iowa families.  Handing those keys over is just as exciting for me today as it was the first time.

I’m living the American dream; building a successful business; and creating hundreds and hundreds of jobs along the way.”

I’m proud to be a small business owner because I know that small businesses  are  the economic engine that built America.  And, I know small business is what will turn this country around.

The liberal professional politicians lead by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Dave Loebsack must go.  They’ve had their chance to steer America and they’ve failed.

The national debt has exploded; job killing regulations are pouring out of the bureaucracy; the government takeover of healthcare promises to push costs even higher; and gasoline prices are going up and up with no end in sight.

As one who spent nearly a decade in petroleum exploration, working on drill ships around the world, I can tell you America has a real need for energy policies aimed at maximizing our own resources.  By taking common sense steps, we can achieve energy independence.  Low cost energy will fuel job creation right here at home and propel America to its rightful position as leader of the world economy.

But these things won’t happen unless we stop the liberals and replace them with common  sense conservatives whose real life experience tells us we have to spend within our means…that small business not government is what will create jobs and opportunities for Americans.

Celeste and I have been blessed.  We have five wonderful children; our oldest son an officer in the United States Army; his brother who wants to follow him in service to our nation; their sister who’s a junior in college; our youngest son wanting to be a doctor and little Alanah who is looking forward to her graduation from kindergarten into the first grade.

I worry about the kind of future we are leaving to them and their generation of Americans.  My common sense, conservative, small business experience can make a difference.   I’m ready to go to work for you in Congress.




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