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June 19th, 2012

Damage Control: Scheffler and IFFC Attempt to Head Off More Negative Attention

On Tuesday night, the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition (IFFC) alerted their members to a possible Des Moines Register article that may be published as soon as Wednesday.  While the email doesn’t indicate what questions the Register asked Steve Scheffler, the group’s President, and Morris Hurd, the group’s Treasurer, it seems clear that the paper is following up on the recent allegations of wrongdoing by the group.

Once again, Scheffler and the IFFC continue to tear down those who criticize them.  The group also continues to hide behind a dismissed Federal Election Commission complaint that was thrown out because the FEC didn’t have jurisdiction over the tax-related matter.

Finally, Scheffler and the IFFC claim that no new information has been provided that would substantiate the allegations against them, but on Friday published an email from Scheffler that clearly shows that he directed IFFC donors to make checks payable to “Burlington Methodist Church” in order for the contribution to be tax deductible.

Below is the email that the IFFC sent earlier tonight.

Dear Friends of Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition

We wanted to make you aware of a possible article that will be coming out in the Des Moines Register tomorrow, June 20th.  A reporter called both Steve Scheffler (IFFC President) and Morris Hurd (IFFC Treasurer), in preparation for writing an article of unknown topic.  They did not give the reporter very much information, any more than he asked for, and did not learn exactly what the article would be about.

As some of you may already be aware, Stacey Cargill of Waukee was on Jan Mickelson’s show last Tuesday rehashing claims against our organization and against Steve.  Cargill made multiple accusations, but they were a repeat of all the false accusations that were made 4-5 years ago.  There was no new event or information that she was citing!

Cargill repeated last Tuesday that the Iowa Christian Alliance (ICA) (the predecessor organization of IFFC) had contributions routed through the Burlington United Methodist Church, so that donors could get a tax exemption.  She also made a complaint that the organization had received a contribution of $100,000 from the Romney campaign during the last election cycle.  As you know, those complaints have been made three times in the past before the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  Three times Cargill made written complaints to the FEC and three times her complaints have been dismissed, noting that audits of the books and records of that United Methodist Church showed no hint of any such transfers through that church and no evidence of such contribution from the Romney campaign was found.

Cargill claims that the FEC complaints were dismissed because the FEC does not have jurisdiction over said matters.  That is true, however, Cargill never filed the complaints that she was so sure were true to the appropriate governing body, the IRS!  She states that she made the FEC complaints for “media attention.”  As noted earlier, she is rehashing complaints from 4-5 years ago.  She spoke on Mickelson’s show conveniently, the week that Steve was up for re-election as Iowa’s Republican National Committeeman.

The article might be addressing something that happened at the Iowa Republican Convention on Saturday where Steve was personally attacked during his re-election campaign for Republican National Committeeman.  There have been allegations made repeatedly over the last several months that Steve has offered delegate seat nominations in exchange for large contributions to IFFC.  These allegations are also completely false and have no shred of evidence associated with them.  Steve has been involved in the caucus to convention process for 20 years, and no one before has ever brought forth these allegations.  We do not know, but it is more likely that the Reporter is following up on what Stacey Cargill started last week.

We want to keep all of you informed before you see these things in the Des Moines Register.  We assure you that IFFC and ICA have not broken any rules in any of the matters that give Cargill her never-ending line of complaints.  As a Christian organization, we hold ourselves to the standards and principles that are laid out in the Word of God!

We want to be open and honest with you and after the article runs we will address anything that needs further explanation.  We appreciate your support and we will persevere through this.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all. Psalm 34:19

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