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July 10th, 2012

Congressman King, Chairman Spiker Respond to Obama’s Iowa Visit

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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President Obama brought his campaign to Cedar Rapids on Tuesday. It was the president’s fourth Iowa campaign stop  this year. Congressman Steve King and Republican Party of Iowa Chairman A.J. Spiker offered statements reacting to Obama’s visit.

Congressman Steve King:

“President Obama’s visit to Iowa, a state he carried handily in 2008, shows me he has realized his failed policies leading to unemployment above 8 percent for 41 straight months, massive debt nearing $16 trillion and tax hikes on Iowa families have led to voter’s remorse.

“While President Obama is traveling to Iowa to try to save his presidency and ObamaCare, I will vote tomorrow to repeal ObamaCare and its job-killing effects. My language for repealing ObamaCare passed the House last year and tomorrow I expect my repeal language to pass again. Christie Vilsack’s unwillingness to vote for ObamaCare’s repeal would lead to tax hikes, more than $1.5 trillion in government spending and put Americans’ health care coverage in jeopardy.

“Iowans in the new 4th Congressional District have rejected Obama’s failed agenda. They deserve to know why Christie Vilsack, who has said she is running to help re-elect President Obama, has proposed raising Iowa families’ taxes by an average of $2,491 per tax return and called a Balanced Budget Amendment to reign in Washington spending ‘a gimmick’. She is running to advance policies that have led to record unemployment and debt.

“America needs Governor Romney to lead our country. Governor Romney achieved significant success in the private sector, governed effectively, has balanced a budget and met payroll. Under President Romney we will restore our American Dream that has been eroding under President Obama.”

RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker:

“While Iowa was the state that launched President Obama in 2008, no amount of lofty campaign rhetoric or negative advertising will overcome the fact that after three and a half years of broken promises, record deficits, and high unemployment, Iowans are ready for real change in the White House.

“After promising to cut the deficit in half, run a more open and transparent government and not raise taxes on the middle class, President Obama has done exactly the opposite. Whether it is through his massive spending increases, lack of openness on Fast and Furious, or  devastating middle class tax increases through Obamacare, President Obama has clearly not kept the promises he made to Iowans in 2008. That is why in the past few years he has seen his support among Iowans drop dramatically.

“When President Obama was inaugurated, there were over 110,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Iowa. In June alone, the Republican Party of Iowa registered over 11,000 new Republican voters, while the Democratic Party continued to see their numbers drop. Republicans in Iowa are more energized and enthusiastic than ever to head to the polls in November and make Barack Obama a one-term president.”

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