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October 31st, 2012

BUSTED: KCCI Finds Man from Winterset in Boswell Ad Doesn’t Exist

By Craig Robinson

Following up on a story that first reported on in mid-October, KCCI News Channel 8 looked into an ad being run by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) that features Randy Parcell.

Parcell is described in the ad as a Winterset man who is upset with Congressman Tom Latham.  The only problem is nobody in Winterset knows who he is, and the mayor of Winterset says there are no records of the man in the city or county.

Script from the six o’clock newscast on October 30, 2012

Stacey Horst: “Each day we see dozens of political ads.  Do you ever wonder who the people are in those ads?

Kevin Cooney: “Are they who they claim to be or maybe their just actors? News Channel 8’s Laura Nichols went searching for answers. What did you find out Laura?

Laura Nichols: “Well, every day we are barraged with so many political ads that it’s really hard to know what’s truth and what’s fiction. Today, we found some of both.”

Randy Parcell: “I’ve worked here for 20 years…”

Laura Nichols: “You’ve probably seen this ad. A man named Randy Parcell, who claims to live in Winterset, blames Congressman Tom Latham for of trying to get rid of Medicare.”

Randy Parcell: “Without Medicare I’ll have to work until the day I die.” 

Laura Nichols: “So, who is Randy Parcell? And what Winterset company did he work for?

Winterset Mayor Jim Olson: “Perception is that he is from Winterset and nobody knows him. And I really don’t like that perception.

Laura Nichols: “Mayor Jim Olson has lived in Winterset his entire life, he says he’d never heard of or seen Randy Parcell until he saw the ad air, so he decided to do some checking on his own.”

Winterset Mayor Jim Olson: “He does not have a utility bill, so he is not a service member of the city of Winterset.  He’s not registered to vote in Winterset or Madison County.”

Laura Nichols: “The Randy Parcell portrayed in the ad doesn’t seem to exist in Winterset.”

Winterset Mayor Jim Olson: “It’s really frustrating now is that the guy is making a political ad and is not even registered to vote.”

Laura Nichols: “KCCI called the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee to try to get some answers. A spokesperson wouldn’t tell us what company Parcell claims to work for in the ad, or where he lives, citing privacy reasons.”

When KCCI searched for the people featured in Congressman Latham’s advertisements, they found that they actually were residents in the towns that the ads said they were from.


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