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August 17th, 2012

Braley Violates House Ethics Rules…AGAIN

Braley Uses Taxpayer Resources to Sponsor Campaign Whistle Stop Tour    

INDEPENDENCE, IA — For the second time in two weeks, Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA) has used taxpayer resources to sponsor a campaign event outside of his current congressional district in violation of House ethics rules.

According to a media advisory sent Thursday from Braley’s Washington office, Braley is planning to “jump aboard a Union Pacific Train on Friday in Fairfax headed to Marshalltown,” but Fairfax and Marshalltown are located outside of Braley’s current congressional district and inside the district in which he is campaigning for reelection.

House ethics rules explicitly prohibit Members of Congress from using official House resources, paid for by taxpayers, for purposes outside of their current district. This prohibition extends to new geographical areas, like Fairfax and Marshalltown, that are being added to Members’ districts as a result of redistricting. Members may campaign in these new areas, but not at the taxpayers’ expense.

Last week, Braley used taxpayer resources to organize a similar event in Cedar Rapids, also outside of his current district, which became the target of a House ethics complaint filed by one of Braley’s constituents from Dubuque.

After Braley’s Washington office denied the infraction and made material misrepresentations about Congressman Braley’s conduct, Ben Lange’s congressional campaign issued a detailed memo that thoroughly debunked Braley’s denial. Two days later, Braley cancelled the event.

“Career Washington politicians like Bruce Braley are out-of-control and Iowa taxpayers deserve better. Braley’s behavior is not only deeply disturbing, it’s bizarre,” said Cody Brown, Lange’s campaign advisor.

“The fact that Congressman Braley would knowingly violate the same House ethics rule in two weeks raises legitimate questions about Braley’s state of mind, his competency to lead, and his own moral compass. If Braley proceeds with this event, knowing that it violates House ethics rules, Ben Lange’s campaign is prepared to take appropriate action to hold Braley accountable on behalf of Iowa taxpayers.”

A copy of Braley’s Thursday media advisory is below.

First Congressional District, Iowa




Thursday August 16th, 2012

CONTACT: Amanda Bowman
(563) 557-7789 (desk)

Braley to Ride Union Pacific Train

Working to highlight importance of infrastructure to Iowa jobs, economy

Dubuque, IA – Rep. Bruce Braley (IA-01) will jump aboard a Union Pacific Train on Friday in Fairfax headed to Marshalltown to promote and support enhancements to infrastructure in Iowa. Before the train leaves, Braley will hold a short press conference with Brenda Mainwaring of Union Pacific and Nicole Reichert of Cargill.

Braley has been an effective leader in contributing to enhancements in infrastructure. Braley secured the funding to rebuild Waterloo and Cedar Rapids rail bridges after the devastating 2008 floods and believes that infrastructure repairs and improvements can create Iowa jobs and strengthen the economy.

Cargill employs 4,095 at 29 locations across Iowa, including Cedar Rapids, that produce and market food products across the world, and depends on strong infrastructure. Union Pacific Corporation is an American rail transportation company covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States.

The press is welcome to the event before the train leaves Fairfax.

Friday August 17th, 2012

10:00 AM CDT

Press event with Union Pacific and Cargill on Infrastructure and the Economy

UP Railroad Line corner of Vanderbilt St and Losey Ave

Fairfax, IA 52228


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