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January 4th, 2012

Bachmann Drops Out

Following a sixth place in the Iowa Caucus, Michele Bachmann decides to end her presidential campaign. The Minnesota congresswoman picked up 6,073 votes Tuesday night, only 5% of the total. This is a hard fall for the Ames Straw Poll winner and Iowa native.

Bachmann garnered 4,823 votes in the Straw Poll, but with 106,000 more people participating in the process, she could only increase that vote total by 1,250. Bachmann’s momentum quickly stalled after Rick Perry entered the race. A 99-county tour in the final weeks was a last ditch effort to revive her campaign, but it was more of a photo op than an actual chance to listen to the concerns of Iowans across the state. The tour was also hampered by consistently running behind schedule.

Michele Bachmann based much of her appeal by playing up her Iowa roots, but since she had not lived in the state for 43 years, a lot of people never viewed her as a true Iowan. She did not help matters by making gaffes like claiming John Wayne was born in Waterloo, saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elvis Presley on the anniversary of his death, and claiming Gardasil causes

The death knell for her campaign came in the final week when Bachmann’s Iowa state chairman Kent Sorenson defected to the Ron Paul campaign. He said the switch came because he wanted to be with a candidate who had a chance to win the Iowa Caucus.

During her press conference to announce the suspension of her campaign, Bachmann stressed the necessity to repeal ObamaCare. “I ran not only for me and I also ran to elect 13 more Republican senators who would help me to repeal that legislation,” Bachmann said. “I decided to stand up, stand up and fight for our freedom.”

Reading from prepared remarks during her announcement in West Des Moines, Bachmann vowed to support the eventual Republican nominee. “The people of Iowa spoke in a clear voice and so I have decided to stand aside,” Bachmann said. “I believe we must stand behind the person that our party and our people will choose as our standard bearer.”

“I have no regrets. None whatsoever. We never compromised our principles,” she said. “We ran with the upmost integrity.” Bachmann now faces a potentially difficult reelection battle for her Minnesota congressional seat.

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