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May 11th, 2012

Archer Up With New Radio Ad in 2nd CD

The Archer for Congress campaign has started running a new radio ad across the 2nd Congressional District.

John Archer:  Harry Truman was a president willing to say, ‘The buck stops here.’  Hi, this is John Archer.

Since President Obama stepped into the White House, our country has lost 1.5 million jobs.   Even more, Obamanomics has meant trillion dollar deficits for our nation.

So what do we hear from the White House?  That’s right…they blame George Bush.  The bottom line is this: the buck stops with the President and Dave Loebsack, his rubber stamp in Congress.

Anncr: Republican John Archer knows job creation.  Working with global business units at John Deere, he actively worked to expand international markets and make a difference for Iowa jobs and agriculture.

John Archer:  The solution for the economy isn’t complicated: follow the Constitution, allow businesses to bring their profits home to the United States and stop regulators from harassing American job creators. That’s it.

I’m John Archer, I approve this message and I’m asking for your support.

Anncr:  Conservative Values, Business Leadership.  John Archer for Congress.

John Archer:  Paid for by Archer for Congress

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