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August 28th, 2012

Ann Romney: The GOP’s Secret Weapon (Video of Speech Included)

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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Anyone who has listened to Ann Romney on the campaign trail knows that she is a very valuable asset to her husband’s campaign. Tuesday night, the rest of America found out. Ann Romney, a cancer and multiple sclerosis survivor, is the GOP’s secret weapon.

It is hard not to like and not be impressed by Mrs. Romney. She is extremely comfortable on the stage, even more so than her husband.

Ann Romney did exactly what the campaign needed her to do Tuesday night. She humanized Mitt Romney. She reached into the hearts of women. She empathized without Americans who are struggling. And without attacking Barack Obama directly, she told Americans why her husband is the better choice.

Many of Romney’s lines were directly strictly at women:

“We don’t want easy. But these last few years have been harder than they needed to be. It’s all the little things — that price at the pump you just can’t believe, the grocery bills that just get bigger; all those things that used to be free, like school sports, are now one more bill to pay. It’s all the little things that pile up to become big things.  And the big things  — the good jobs, the chance at college, that home you want to buy, just get harder.  Everything has become harder.

We’re too smart to know there aren’t easy answers. But we’re not dumb enough to accept that there aren’t better answers.”

Barack Obama was never mentioned in her speech, but she did offer a strong rebuke of the Democrat attacks that Mitt Romney is out of touch:

“But let me say this to every American who is thinking about who should be our next President:

No one will work harder. No one will care more. No one will move heaven and earth like Mitt Romney to make this country a better place to live!

It’s true that Mitt has been successful at each new challenge he has taken on. It amazes me to see his history of success actually being attacked.  Are those really the values that made our country great?  As a mom of five boys, do we want to raise our children to be afraid of success?

Do we send our children out in the world with the advice, “Try to do… okay?”

And let’s be honest. If the last four years had been more successful, do we really think there would be this attack on Mitt Romney’s success? Of course not.”

Mrs. Romney also made a point of contrasting government reliance with charity.

“Mitt will be the first to tell you that he is the most fortunate man in the world. He had two loving parents who gave him strong values and taught him the value of work.  He had the chance to get the education his father never had.

But as his partner on this amazing journey, I can tell you Mitt Romney was not handed success. He built it. (HUGE AND EXTENDED APPLAUSE)

He stayed in Massachusetts after graduate school and got a job. I saw the long hours that started with that first job. I was there when he and a small group of friends talked about starting a new company.  I was there when they struggled and wondered if the whole idea just wasn’t going to work.  Mitt’s reaction was to work harder and press on.

Today that company has become another great American success story. Has it made those who started the company successful beyond their dreams? Yes, it has.

It allowed us to give our sons the chance at good educations and made all those long hours of book reports and homework worth every minute.  It’s given us the deep satisfaction of being able to help others in ways that we could never have imagined.  Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he has helped others because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point.  And we’re no different than the millions of Americans who quietly help their neighbors, their churches and their communities.  They don’t do it so that others will think more of them.

They do it because there IS no greater joy. “Give and it shall be given unto you.”

The convention crowd absolutely loved Romney’s speech and most of the media pundits on network TV praised it as well. Bob Schieffer at CBS and NBC’s David Gregory heaped great praise on Ann Romney’s delivery. Fox News’ Brit Hume, who has covered countless conventions through the years for FNC and ABC, called it “the single most effective political speech I’ve ever heard from a political spouse”.

As the Democrats once again their “GOP war on women” meme, Ann Romney is the perfect foil. If she is able to spend significant time on the campaign trail in the final 70 days of the campaign, it would be very wise to dispatch her to swing states. Mitt Romney needs to narrow the gender gap among voters and Ann Romney might have the ability to do just that.

You can view video of Mrs. Romney’s speech below, in two parts:

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