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June 13th, 2012

AFF Releases Online Ad “Fast and Furious”

American Future Fund released a new online ad today titled “Fast and Furious” addressing the Obama Administration’s cover-up of the infamous operation which put thousands of weapons in the hands of dangerous drug cartels.

In December 2010, US Border Control Agent Brian Terry was gunned down while on duty.  The high power assault rifles found at the scene were linked to the Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious.  Agent Terry’s tragic death is only one of many violent crimes linked to the guns lost in the botched action.  More than 1,700 guns still remain unaccounted for.

Obama and his administration continue to deny any knowledge or take responsibility.  Under oath, Attorney General Eric Holder said he had known nothing about Fast and Furious until a few weeks prior to his testimony.  But Justice Department documents reveal that Holder had, in fact, known of the operation for more than a year.

AFF Founder Nick Ryan stated, “The lies, cover-up and reckless abuse of power in this failed operation are astounding.  It was authorized and sanctioned by the Obama Administration.  They need to own it and be accountable for the tragedies as a result.”

Obama maintains his confidence in Holder.  Can Americans have confidence in Obama?

The ad asks viewers to tell Obama we deserve answers and accountability.

Script “Fast & Furious”:

ANNOUNCER: December 2010.  U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is gunned down along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Left at the murder scene, two assault rifles linked to Operation “Fast and Furious.”

Under Fast and Furious, President Obama’s Justice Department puts thousands of weapons in the hands of dangerous drug cartels.

More than 1700 guns are lost….

…many linked to violent crimes and killings in the US and Mexico

Including Agent Terry’s murder.

Obama denies any knowledge or accountability.

OBAMA: “Absolutely not –this is a pretty big government.”

ANNOUNCER: And under oath, Attorney General Eric Holder says:

HOLDER: “I probably heard about Fast & Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

ANNOUNCER: But official memos addressed to Holder prove that’s not true.

Holder knew about Fast & Furious nearly a year before.

And whistleblowers… were punished.

Obama’s response?

OBAMA: “I have complete confidence in Attorney General Holder.”

ANNOUNCER: But after cover-ups and denials — can Americans have confidence… in the president?

Tell Obama: We deserve answers — and accountability.

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