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September 6th, 2012

AFF Releases New Web Ad Titled “Heartbeat”

American Future Fund is releasing a new web ad titled “Heartbeat” contrasting the stark differences in the choice for Vice President this fall.

The Vice President of the United States. Just a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Who do we trust to take the helm if needed? Many would answer they want someone smart, serious, intelligent and articulate. Someone like Paul Ryan who has demonstrated a deep understanding of the economy, ability to clearly communicate with colleagues in Washington and voters, and a willingness to make the tough decisions for a better American future.

Compare that with Vice President Joe Biden. Is this what we want our Vice President to be?
The man who is convinced we must spend more money and go further into debt in order to keep America afloat?
The man who is often confused about what state he’s even in?
The man who thinks we are still living in the 20th century?
The man who asked a double amputee to stand up at a campaign rally?
The man who thinks j-o-b-s is a three letter word?
The man who tells racially insensitive jokes?
The man who has been described as the drunk uncle?

“It’s laughable that this is our Vice President,” stated Nick Ryan, founder of AFF. “It says a lot about President Obama’s judgement that he would pick Joe Biden to be the next in line to lead our country. No wonder we’re in so much trouble as a nation. Thankfully Americans have a clear choice this fall.”

The ad asks, with so much at stake, do you trust Joe Biden to lead?

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