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July 11th, 2012

A Party Divided and A President Who Divides

By Renee Schulte, State Representative

Barack Obama continued to engage in class warfare yesterday, attacking job creators, small business owners and entrepreneurs with a proposed new tax. It’s a position he evidently believes will win him votes, but not every Democrat is on the same page with the President. Much to Barack Obama’s chagrin, many of those in his own party have argued against this new policy.

On the stump, Barack Obama frequently talks glowingly about the days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, while ignoring the former President’s calls for an extension of all tax cuts. According to CNBC, the man Obama so often praises took the opposite position of the President, arguing that the US economy is already in a recession and urging Congress to extend all tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year.

Even President Obama and Clinton’s own economic advisor Larry Summers “came out against the President’s position” on tax hikes.

While these defections are bad enough, President Obama and his campaign can only wish that the list of detractors stopped there. Democratic Senators Ben Nelson and Jim Webb are both against raising taxes on any tax brackets this year. Others like Jon Tester and Joe Manchin have “declined to endorse” President Obama’s tax hikes, while Representative Jim Matheson and Senate candidate Tim Kaine opposed the policy outright.

Sadly, the President who once argued that “the last thing you want to do is a raise taxes in the middle of a recession” has now decided to turn to a desperate election year ploy to salvage his campaign. Too bad for him that even his Democratic allies can’t go along with it.

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