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October 10th, 2012

A Few Quick Thoughts

The Democrat Freak Out

I thought that Mitt Romney had an outstanding debate performance last week, but  maybe it’s even better that I thought.  Judging by the way that the Democrats and the left-leaning media are acting, even they think Romney clobbered President Obama in Denver.

That one debate has turned the political world upside down it seems.  Before the debate, Romney was the candidate who couldn’t message.  Bad news and press seemed to follow Romney wherever he went.  Now it’s President Obama who seems to be stuck in the mud.  It seems the only response the President and Democrats have to Romney’s debate performance is that he’s a pathological liar.   Sorry, but that argument is just not going to cut it.  It’s also very unbecoming for a sitting President of the United States.

Romney is coming off of his best week in this election.  Finally, he seems to be comfortable in his own skin, and it’s making a huge difference.  With only four weeks until Election Day, Romney seems to be peaking at the right time. That is probably why our Democrat friends are so frantic.

Coming Into Her Own

Tamara Scott is no stranger to conservative politics in Iowa, but the Co-Chair of Iowans for Freedom and the Republican Party of Iowa’s new National Committeewoman is becoming a great asset for Republicans in Iowa.  On Monday, Scott was in studio with WHO Radio personality Simon Conway for an hour during his drive-time show to discuss the judicial retention election.  She was superb.

Scott does an excellent job of making sure that people understand the retention process, it’s history, and why people are justified to, “Vote No on Wiggins.”  While she is no shrinking violet, her calm and measured demeanor is a great asset.  While the pro-retention crowed can’t hide their vitriol towards Bob Vander Plaats, it’s impossible not to respect, and thus listen, to Scott make her case.

Scott is just beginning her first term as National Committeewoman for Iowa Republicans.  Her skill set should allow her to be effective in that role.

Please, Please, Please Democrats Keep Fighting Voter ID

I don’t know what Democrat powerbrokers despise more, voter ID laws or Secretary of State Matt Schultz.  The results of the TIR/VCR poll are pretty clear on the topic for voter ID laws.  The poll showed that a clear majority of Iowans support it.  More importantly, recent investigations by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation show that there is a need to take steps such as requiring voters to show an ID before they vote.

Secretary Schultz was an in-studio guest on Jan Mickelson’s show on Tuesday morning and did an outstanding job in outlining the problems with our current election system and then outlining the reforms that he feels are necessary to secure the validity of elections in Iowa.

Democrats seem to think Schultz is on shaky ground, but I think the opposite is true.  The more that Democrats fight Schultz and voter ID laws, the stronger he is going to become.  Voter ID is a golden issue for Schultz, especially when he can point to Senate Democrats for blocking the proposal.

Iowa Nice? More like Iowa Naive

Progress Iowa, a group that is urging people to retain Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins, has released a new web video that features Scott Siepker.  Siepker is better known as the “Iowa Nice” guy who helped create a pro-Iowa web video that went viral in advance of the Iowa Caucuses.  Siepker has parlayed his talent into a new gig with ESPN, but apparently he is also for hire for political videos.

In the video, Siepker sarcastically talks about how he loves politics, loves it when politicians can’t solve the simplest problems, loves it when politicians tweet out pictures of their private parts, and so on and so forth.  Siepker also “loves” it when politicians come into Iowa and tell us to kick out a Supreme Court justice.

I guess he could be referring to Rick Santorum or Governor Bobby Jindal, both of whom participated in the “Vote No on Wiggins” bus tour a couple of weeks ago, but the idea that the anti-retention campaign involves “outside politicians” is ludicrous.  The people behind the Vote No on Wiggins movement are well-known Iowans.  If Mr. Siepker wants to talk about outsiders, he should start with Lambda Legal, an outside group that sowed seeds for years in Iowa in advance of taking legal action.

Even more disturbing is that Progress Iowa and Mr. Siepker seem have no respect for how policy proposals become law or how our government works.

Below is the Progress Iowa’s “Judicial Nice”
WARNING: Some Inappropriate Language used in hopes to make video go “viral.”

The following are two videos the Iowa Bar Association, Gay Rights Activists, Progress Iowa, the Iowa Supreme Court, and Mr. Siepker should watch to be more informed as to how our government is supposed to work.

As you see in video number two, the court can declare a law unconstitutional, but it cannot set policy.  That is something that the legislature and governor do.

A friendly wager…

If someone can find me the Schoolhouse Rocks Video about how the Supreme Court makes law before November 6th, I’ll vote to retain Justice Wiggins.

King/Vilsack Debate

The Sioux City Journal, KCAU and WOI conducted an outstanding debate between Congressman Steve King and Christie Vilsack last night.  They were not afraid to ask tough questions and kept the candidates focused on the questions that were asked of them.

Congressman King was the clear winner of last night’s debate.  Unlike Vilsack, King actually answered questions that were asked of him, while Vilsack continued her tactic of brushing off questions and instead attack King.  Vilsack is a formidable opponent because of her connections and fundraising ability, not because she is a good candidate.  Like every debate, she ducked questions, stammered, and seemed unsure of everything except when attacking King.  Her routine is getting old.


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